ORGAN THING: Supermilk and that instantly vital riff and the Bullheaded Boy and this is the best thing for you now and…


They kick in with a instantly likeable riff, a refreshing riff, one of those vital pop riffs, the song is called Bullheaded Boy, it comes from an album that appears to be called Death Is the Best Thing for You Now by a band who appear to be called Supermilk, you can get the track for 75p or more via their Bandcamp so it seems, or there;s something on transparent red vinyl or something like that, apparently the album is out in March   with nothing bruised, cut and tired. Supermilk is the recording alias of musician Jake Popyura. more a he than a they then – fewer mistakes but, then, nobody was counting. It doesn’t sound very “synth-peppered fuzz-rock” to us, maybe there’s more of that on the album, but that is an infectious riff, a clever riff that invited you in in such a delightfully simple clean cut come and have a cup of tea kind of way, a few years back we might have said “angular”, it has that early Angel Cage thing going down, one of those riffs that made their songs so good in a Pixies kind of way. But then, as we keep on saying, the need for words and reviews are a thing of the past when it comes to dancing around musical architecture there’s the Bandcamp, there’s the riff, there’s the Bullheaded Boy, go have a listen then give him your seventy-five pence and play it again and again (and again). There’s a lazy cut ‘n paste of the press release that will fill you in on the details, excellent song, excellent riff, a fine Organ Thing Of The Day, wonder which one of the bullheaded boys this particular Bullheaded Boy is?


Oh, hang on, done some exploring now, there’s more to this than just one song and one riff, there’s the synth, here’s more, this is very good

The press release

“Supermilk, the recording project of former Doe drummer Jake Popyura, is set to release its debut LP ‘Death Is the Best Thing for You Now’ this Spring. Following 2017’s ‘Hello? Yes this is Supermilk…’  E.P. and ‘Rare Delusions’ in 2019, ‘Death Is the Best Thing for You Now’ builds on Supermilk’s brand of synth-peppered fuzz-rock and broadens the scope to include other influences previously unexplored in the project.

After the amicable split of London based indie-rock trio Doe in 2019, drummer/vocalist Jake Popyura initially breathed a tearful but welcome sigh of relief, imagining the split would allow him to take some time off from music and focus on other facets of adult life. However, this musical hiatus didn’t last long. Having just bought an old 4-track recorder on a whim, Popyura set himself a goal to justify the purchase: to write and record a full album with no pressure, no expectations and no outside opinions or involvement. What emerged was ‘Death Is the Best Thing for You Now’, the title a nod to his favourite movie Freaked (Alex Winter & Tom Stern, 1993).

Popyura set to work demoing the record whilst binge watching all three seasons of Netflix female wrestling comedy-drama GLOW, which may or may not have had some influence on the subsequent albums’ central themes. “The album was recorded on an industrial estate in Watford where I survived mostly on coffee and pasties from a petrol station across the road. I performed, recorded and mixed the whole thing myself in relative secrecy, my only interactions being with the owner of the studio who I don’t think liked me very much.”

Lead single ‘Bullheaded Boy’ is an angular take down of the selfish and narcissistic nature of those who find themselves in positions of power. “There’s a lot of dangerous people out there who charge through life head-first with only their best interests in mind, destroying everything and everyone in their path. There’s one in charge of this country, there’s one in the White House, there’s more than likely one in the same room as you. The world is beautiful but with so many people intent on fucking it, it’s hard to keep that in mind” says Popyura.

‘Bullheaded Boy’ is available digitally on Jan 27th followed by Supermilk’s debut album ‘Death Is the Best Thing for You Now’ on limited edition vinyl on March 27th 2020 via Keroleen Records”.

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