ORGAN THING: Artist Rosemary Cronin’s “Pickled” high heel shoes have gone viral, alas without an artist credit…


Rosemary Cronin’s Pickled high heel shoes have gone viral, actually the photo of the shoes that were part of a rather successful art show called The Offending Article at East London’s Transition Two gallery that came to an end last weekend have gone viral without an artist credit attached to them. The Shoes that were part of Rosemary’s show with fellow artist and performer Stuart McKenzie, Look at those numbers down there, all those likes and shares, but what good are likes and shares without crediting the artist…

You can find more about the show here   ORGAN THING: The Offending Article, Rosemary Cronin & Stuart McKenzie at Transition Two, conversations worth dropping in on…

And more importantly here are the links to the artist – / /


STOP PRESS: One day on, the numbers go up and up…



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