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Is there any wonder? It was one of those sorting through the mountains of things in the in box, the musical box, kind of days, the never ending pile of demanding e.mails and let  down by those  Horse Lords and their insect hoof flannery? As good as the music they make is, not sure why we bothered with that one? Not really sure why we bother with any of the music coverage these days? There was quote in a Cardiacs interview in a long since forgotten by most music fanzine called Earzone, forget the exact wording now,  it was something about how in the 90’s the only thing that kept Cardiacs going was Organ and how thay probably would have given up if we had kept on spreading the word and almost bullying them in to playing gigs for us. It seemed to matter more back then. We wrote a piece about Horse Lords and their new album a couple of weeks ago, their press people had send a link to a track they had posted up as a YouTube thing and asked us to share it and feature it ahead of the March release of the new album, we did jsut that, the page started getting hits, the radio play got a healthy response and the then, without even the politeness of a word in our direction the track on You Tube was removed because they apparently wanted a “bigger publication” to do a preview, well fluk that and the horse the lord was riding on. On with the next things, not heard of Wackelkontakt until an e.mail asking for coverage came in this morning…


back in the day…

Wackelkontakt –  “Jerusalem always had a sound. Never limited to genre, yet always challenging. Wackelkontakt are the trio that currently spearheads the Jerusalem scene, playing music that’s precise yet eclectic….” The album is out on March 1st, you have the bandbamp right there, you have ears, you have a heart, you don’t need out opinion do you? Rather like their art, both visual and aural


Sorting through the hundreds of press releases and e.mails and clicking on links to band after band here.  Some outfit called Fire in the Radio have a new video apparently, they sound full of something or other, fire or spunk or something, we Might have put them on an Organ compilation back in the 90’s, Kerrang would have reviewed the compilation and said something patronising about us, is Kerrang still going? The Fire in the Radio video is here, it sounds like a million things we’already heard and forgot about . Oh look, Kerrang is still going, there’s a quote with the press rlease, ““a dreamy tale of perseverance” – Kerrang!”.


Meanwhile, the link  in the press release to a Youtube of the new single from London “tropical punk” four-piece The Skints have something that lasted 30 seconds before the window was closed, what the hell is “tropical punk”? Who writes this crap? I’m starting to feel an empathy with John Thaw’s version of Inspector Morse. “Today, New Jersey instrumental rock trio Vasudeva return with the atmospheric and heavily textured new single ‘Breaks’…. ” it started off alright until the really tediously boring and way too obvious drummer kicked in and you kind of knew it wasn’t going to go anywhere interesting, kind of sounds like a band jamming at a soundcheck ’cause the singer is still in the pub next door, shall we politely pass on, shall we bother with a link?

Seems Archers of Loaf have a new single, first material since1998 apparently, it sounds Squeeze, it sounds a bit like Up The Junction, was it worth the 22 year wait?  Here it is should you feel the need. .

Apparently the third album by Finnish-born sound artist & musician Cucina Povera aka Maria Rossi is on the way, “A dazzling record of noise, distortion & hymnal vocal performances featuring Rossi’s most beautiful & melodic material to date” apparently. Out March 27th on Night School Records, here’s a taste, it kind of sounds like lots and lots (and lots) of electronic experimental music that flows in to our overwhelmed in-box on the hour, I guess the voice lifts it up but hey, there is so so much of this flowing in, here it is if you’re curious.  I made an album like this once, The Enid had left some keyboards at our place overnight. I might rleease one day and clutter up other peeople’s inboxes with it…


Says here “Australian quartet Flyying Colours are set to make a storming return with their second album ‘Fantasy Country’, and have released the video for their gloriously ethereal, upbeat new single ‘Big Mess’, which showcases their impeccable duel vocals and pop sensibility.”  Well for a start they’ve gone a pee’d off the vegan audience with those eggs, they’ve probably pee’d off a few more with the look at us aren’t we wacky video, and well, take all that away and they sound like a million bands who were or wanted to be on Creation or were just a little too fast to be on 4AD. You see, this is an average day going through the in-box and the tsunami music that flows our way. There’s nothing that wrong with Flyying Colours, that is their spelling by the way, I know there’s a habit of not bothering to proofread that much around here but they do have more than one y in there – and there’s nothing that much wrong with the band with one y too many in their name but this is hardly a “storming return” is it? I mean, they really sound remarkably like a million bands we’ve all heard and forgotten way way  too many times already

And way way too many bands who want to be the next Idles, come on, as good as Idles are, is that the height of your ambition?  Now New York duo Leya are genuinely exciting, we’ve featured them several times in the last couple of months, hopefully this youtube stays in place longer than that Horse Lords one did Cody.


LEYA have shared a music video for their new single “INTP” from their forthcoming sophomore album Flood Dream (releasing March 6th via NNA Tapes)” – that’s it up there, well it was there today, hopefully it is still there when you read this page next week, just as long as they don’t do a Horse Lords on us.  There’s a track or two from the Leya album up on their Bandcanp page right now as well…


STOP PRESS: Word in from Deathbomb land, I do believe that’s somewhere near L.A? “No partnership runs deeper here are Deathbomb Arc than our with Jonathan Snipes. We have worked with him since the early 00s, first with his project Captain Ahab and then with clipping., plus tons in between. We are ecstatic to now announce his new solo album on, the soundtrack to the film ‘MOPE’. It is on pre-sale both on cassette and digital, and you can hear a sample track at either link! Did we mention, this is porno music?!  No Deathbomb Arc and Jonathan Snipes have acres of credit in the bank of Organ just for that glorious Captain Ahab album End of Irony, one of the finest albums ever, ten years old now, if you missed it then go treat yourself right now, if you did then go remind yourself…. back slap you for acting harD….


Anyway, enough of Captain Ahab and all that glorious stuff from ten years back, you didn’t just listen to the first track just then did you? You need the epic AOR of that second track, you need the whole thing. Hey, never mind ten tears ago, I figure that if the first copy of Organ came out as a hand printed fanzine back in 1986, Organ has now existed in five different decades, no wonder I feel like Inspector Morse, I have been buying a lot of opera from the local charity shop recently, I don’t really want be wasting my time on the next Idles when there’s opera. Here’s some new Jonathan Snipes, rather like the art again, i like te star in the o, I like art with stars…


Anyway, Of Montreal have a new single or a new song or a new video or a new something. Kind of like it actually, sounds like the Bay City Rollers. “Instantly enjoyable.” – The Sunday Times Culture –  don’t you just love going through the press releases and the inbox. Morse would hate it, even the young one.


“Hi Sean, fancy sharing this wicked new track from Becker & Mukai (formally Zongamin)? It’s a supreme piece of warped electronica and freaky synth patches meeting effortlessly cool global grooves. Caribou. Alexis Taylor, Floating Points and Trevor Jackson are all big fans of these guys and this track is a really good teaser for the full release” Can’t say I do fancy sharing it really, I mean Jonathan up there had credit in the bank, this lot don’t and frankly I’m bored bored bored with endless links ot endless bits of electronic music. Did I ever tell you about that album I made on Enid’s giant keyboard that time? Freak symth patches? Bored the hell out of me, here it is, not the album I made, the Becket and thingy thing Ididn;t fancy sharing. my album is master piece, recorded in one night on some keyboard that looked like a flightdeck of a jumbo jet… Nothing bugs me more than all these in case you missed it e.mails about things we already checked out when you sent it two days ago…


“ICYMI: Presenting their shift into more experimental territory, satirising the conservatism and inadequacies of popular satirical music, Bristol’s LICE return with new single ‘Conveyor’ via their own label Settled Law….” see what i was saying abour idle bands…Lice? Whatever happened to that street artist who would go around London carefully painting out the po on any Metropolitan Policce sign here or she could find thus turning them into Metropolitan Lice, they were getting rather annoyed about it at one point… Apparently Lice are on tour in the UK in March.


Hey, whatever Cody and his mates might think of it, here some more Horse Lords, how good are these bits of tastes the new album? We could go review the whole thing but frankly I’m still pissed off about the reaction to the last post and where the hell were the Quietus when covering all this stuff was serious hard work? Anyone can do it now there an internet.


Hey, no one ever reads this far down, I could say anything down here, you’re just skiping through and listening to the music right? Missed out on covering the latest Palberta release at teend of the last year, that was ad of us, blame all the crap and the ICYMI messages about te crap that’s cloggggg up the inbox causing us to miss the good stuff.

Now New York’s Palbarta are a band who want to challenge themselves as much as their listeners, and the fact that they’ve just announced a London date allows us an excuse to post their latest album today. The gig isn’t until  May 12th at New River Studios, but hey, gives your time to get your ducks in a row don’t you think? Do they sound a little more sparse on this latest album? Wait this a live session thing, an album of live recording, versions of things we’ve already heard  – “Palberta write quirky, angular indie rock with cheeky song titles and absurd lyrical themes. There’s a restlessness baked into the trio’s jagged tunes embodied in the act of rotating instruments throughout a performance. Feast your eyes and ears on all 15 tracks from their sardonic, intense Halloween set” –  here’s the bandcamp, go explore



Did we mention Scottish prog rock heroes Pallas have been digging out very old live recordings and making them available?  I’m pretty certain I witness them having  an almost punch up with a very young a slim Marillion over who was going to get to cover I Know What I like that night. Here you go, from back in the day when the cool as flip prog scene was really underground and mostly existed on cassette tapes and via the pages of badly photocopied fanzines like Organ.  i guess you had to be there


Hey, time ot get out of here, here we go, Heading out, Into the dark, Moving fast
Lights cut a path. Arrive alive… We’re heading for home, Before the dawn comes. What a bleedin’ waste of time it has all been, I’m off to paint some stars on a square canvas and lsiten to some opera… stop cluttering up te in box!





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