ORGAN THING: Did find a moment to wonder what Miocene’s Benedict Edwards was doing these days…


Organ Thing of The Day? No one ever said it had to be the newest of new releases, we kind of missed this one and there is no time sometimes, what with the head peckers and the paint that needs throwing and time is especially tight during a week of an art show , this week is one of those weeks where we don’t just write about someone’s show, we have our Cultivate hats on this week, we’re up to our necks in hanging art and preparing to open one of our art shows on Thursday. I count it as art show show number 152 under the Cultivate banner, you do know that Cultivate and Organ are all part of the non-stop operation that flows from this end of things don’t you?.


Did find a moment to wonder what Miocene’s Benedict Edwards was doing these days, we wrote about a rather fine solo album as few years back, as far as we knew he hadn’t done anything since but no, we were wrong, a quick search inbetween bouts of artist herding turned up this rather fine folk flavoured album from a couple of years ago – “A melancholy collection of songs about smuggling, soldiering, love, loss, and death, with lyrics taken from Rudyard Kipling’s 1892 work, Barrack Room Ballads. Kipling sometimes paints an uncomfortably rosy view of empire, but he also shows tenderness, vision, and poignancy”.



Of all those great bands from back there, Miocene have stood the test of time more than most. I really should get all thoser old Organ Radio CDs and such back on line

Further reading   ORGAN THINGS: Former Miocene singer, Benedict Edwards, is set to release his second solo album…

That art show:  ORGAN PREVIEW: Nothing Is Square Pt.2 – a very square group show, 38 artists, 140 identically sized art works, opening next week, East London, nothing is ever square…


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