ORGAN THING: Distilled with the finest sugar, raw spirit and extract of Smurf? Gonzo designers? Id-iom strike again…


Organ Thing of The Day –  “Bored of breakfast beer? Why not mix things up a bit with some delicious and zingy Blue WKD. Made from the tears of aging ravers distilled with the finest sugar, raw spirit and extract of Smurf. Great as a breakfast beverage with Soviet era jazz. Try it yourself…” Id-iom strike again. And no officer, we don’t know who or what Id-iom is or are, no idea whatsoever officer, they did leave a painting or two in Cultivate a few years back but don’t be asking us officer. –

“To my surprise there was no supermarket description on the Blue WKD label. They’ll do it for some pretentious craft beer though. How frightfully rude. Allow me to assist”


Although we did read this somewhere – “In a nutshell? Determined never again to suffer under the yoke of an oppressive employer, this is the ongoing tale of two brothers who are going to take the world by storm or die trying! We are gonzo designers more than willing to take a punt at pretty much any design challenge! Hugo’s hands and feet however are proportionately too big for his body whilst Sholto’s head is shaped like a peanut. Being a pair of twisted brothers who had somehow been caught in an oppressive trap by a sinister London corporation we had no option but to look for a way out. After battling against the system for a while we realised the only way out was to assimilate and take over the whole system – one idea at a time! To implement our full spectrum dominance of the global economy we have decided to start with the fickle world of art and design. In order to introduce cognitive dissonance in non-believers all our designs have been carefully chosen and arranged to please believers and make them feel harmonious and confident whilst causing non-believers to become disorientated and mentally challenged. You have been warned…. ”


and… “There I was, minding my own business, whilst perusing the aisles of my local supermarket. I happened to glance at a bottle of Dead Pony Club by Brewdog and realised the supermarket description (‘Pale Ale 3.8% is brewed with a solid malt base’ – blah, blah, blah) did no favours to a drink with such a name. I decided to use my overactive imagination as a guide to remedy this with a description a bit more fitting… If this was an 80’s film this would now be the montage section where I scan, find fonts, use my computer and finally print out the finished product. We’d then segue back to me walking up the street about to complete my mission with the supermarket insertion of my replacement label. Cue credits”.

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