ORGAN THING: Amputate Corporate Art? The K? Sh*t Day? The K Group? Rikki who? I’m gonna scream gonna shout gonna play my guitar until your body’s rigid and you see stars…


The K

A rather apt Organ Thing of the Day today, and a rather quick one. for there are other places to be today. This May Belgium noise-rock trio The K. return with their third studio album ‘Amputate Corporate Art’, we’re told to expect “a brutal and explosive ten track collection of hefty guitars and anthemic song writing”.

Here then, is a first taste of ‘Amputate Corporate Art’ on what has been a rather crap day. Of course, it should go without saying if we didn’t think it good then it wouldn’t be here. The K’s new album  ‘Amputate Corporate Art’ is to be released on May 8th via JuneOrange. Hope your day has been better than mine…


“Returning after a brief hiatus and line-up change, ‘Amputate Corporate Art’ is about personal re-evaluation, growth and facing ones demons. “When we reunited we weren’t unharmed by what happened to us” they say, “we had doubts as human beings of course but as a band too. And the songs are a bit about that: breaking up, moving on, being angry, not knowing what you’re meant for at a time when people around you seemed to be pretty set up, and convincing ourselves that everything would turn out alright”.

In their time together they’ve played alongside the likes of Girl Band, Stake, Life in Vacuum, The Ex, John Coffey and Black Honey. During their time apart frontman Seb Von Landau spent time playing with hard-rocking contemporaries Cocaine Piss“.

“They’ve stormed festivals around the world such as Dour Festival, Montreux Jazz Festival, Toronto Music Week, Liverpool Sound City and The Great Escape, and totalled over 100 shows, tirelessly performing their raucous, groove-laden rock n roll for increasingly passionate fans, especially in their hometown if Liège.

‘Amputate Corporate Art’ is undoubtedly an album of searing hits, with wall-to-wall riffs influenced by some of the greats (Nirvana, Sonic Youth, Future of the Left) as well as by the younger UK guitar scene (Pulled Apart By Horses, Idles, God Damn, Girl Band). Their interest in both sonic textures, hard distortion and layered feedback is matched only by their knack for a memorable ear-worm”.”

Of course, as damn good as they are,  The K aren’t quite The K Group, don’t get confussed now…



And while we’re here, here’s Peter Hammill “wearing his punk guise! If the guitar don’t get ya, the drums will…” – this is where it started ladies and gents, “I’m gonna scream gonna shout gonna play my guitar until your body’s rigid and you see stars”, this is where UK punk started, recorded back in December 1974…


Futher reading:  ORGAN THING: Is it possible to be too Peter Hammill? Is that vital spark maintained? Is it there on open display? A new album is upon us…


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