ORGAN THING: A thought or two on the trivial matter of art, music, and the sharing of underculture…

organ_fistAs artists hunker down and bands come off the road, galleries close and future events are cancelled, I see the hits on the website are flying up, I guess you’re all stuck at home and surfing the web? I hope you’re all taking care out there, whoever and wherever you are, indeed who are the 21 people from Mozambique who have joined the many people from Spain, Italy, France and the rest of globe who visited these fractured Organ pages in the last couple of weeks? I hope you’re all taking care out there and that you’re all pulling together and helping each other, checking on each other. It almost seems trivial to be writing about art, to be sharing music, to be posting about artists or bands or new releases (or indeed our own art and such) at times like this. But then at times like this art surely is a force for good and creativity is a positive in terms of spiritual and mental well being? Music is a power and sharing together is important.

I was just debating with myself about the point in going to the shop over the road for more canvas and paint, I was debating with someone else about the value of bothering to cover the forthcoming Kavus Torabi album or the latest Philipp Rumsch release for instance? But these things are important, we do need art to flow, we need painters to paint, we need exciting new music, more than that now we need communication, we need to share things, do things, we need radio stations covering more than jsut the vital news about te current situation, and even more than all that we need to check on each other (even if it is just on line while we isolate), we need to support each other, we need to look out for each other…

Personally I’ve had three events I was taking part in as a painter/artist later this month closed or cancelled, right now I have a gallery show in a space we’ve hired for and exhbition I’m putting on as curator –  that was going to take up all of March, the show and the art is hanging there in limbo right now, do I leave it there? Do I go and take it all down? All a bit of a financial disaster right now but hey, in the great scheme of things that doesn’t really matter that much, I have no idea how home rent will be paid or indeed any of the other bills, but hey, neither do most people I know. What are they going to do, kick us all out on to the street at the same time? The important thing is we all pull together and look after each other and check on each other and protect each other – and as trivial as it seems while people are dying, while people are losing loved ones, we do need to keep on creating and sharing and being and doing what we do, we do need music, we do need art, we do need engagement, we do need creativint and community, we probably need it more than ever…

And so as we hunker down here and wonder if we should go on posting relatively trivial daily Organ Things of The Day on these not very important pages or we wonder if we should even be thinking about art or the next radio show or sharing new music, the answer is a resounding yes. We need the fresh air of creativity, we need art, we need it more than ever, come together, create, contact, switch the other, pull together,support each other – and if you can give a tiny bit of support to the smaller artists, the little bands, the small art spaces, the sound engineers, the people who run music venues, the painters who just had their shows cancelled, the curators who make the small art shows happen, the little record label who just pressed a new release before the crap hit the fan, the little galleries who live hand to mouth at the best of times, if you can support a little I;m sure that would be appreciated, but most of all just hang in there and look after each otherand if you need help ask, don’t sit there in isolation…

…and so, on with the not quite as trivial as it may first seem posting of things on these fractured pages… (sw)

Here’s some art….


Cultivate presents Insert (Title Here) at Shipton Street Gallery, London E2, March 2020 – Emma Harvey, Rebel Girl


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