ORGAN THING: London based sound and visual artist (and one time Huge Baby) Matt Atkins has a lot for you to explore…


Today’s Organ Thing of The Day, some sound art involving  London based sound and visual artist and drummer, Matt Atkins. Matt, a recent participent, with a number of recent paintings, in the two Nothing is Square shows we put on whilst wearing out Cultivate hats,  has a Bandcamp page full of all kinds of interesting music, sound art and such…

“Matthew Atkins is a London based sound and visual artist whose principle interests are reductionism, chance, repetition and texture. He uses objects, percussion instruments, occasionally a laptop and cassette recorders to create sound collages in both the recorded medium and live, often in collaborative performances. He also drums in the bands Crumbling Ghost, Newts and Smallgang” – and he didn’t mention that glorious fleeting moment of musical history, that for those who were there was one of the best slices of history ever, Huge Baby

Huge Baby ate anciently mostly forgotten history now but it you were there you know (and don’t be looking for things on YouTube an such, it really has ot be the original four piece. They took the originla music down now but you can read about some on 

Further Huge Baby reading.. 

ORGAN THING: Nevermind the blur of all that 20 years ago Britpop bollocks, 20 years ago the greatest band you never heard of happened right here in brit-pop-infested London

Two Matt Atkins painting on the second row down at Nothing is Square Pt 2


Nothing is Square Pt.2, Cultivate at Shipton Street Gallery, London E2 – opening night, 27th February 2020

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