ORGAN: Five Musical Things – The bite of New Primals, a taste of the new Dinosaur album, the refinement of The National Honor Society, Washington DC’s Beauty Pill and that Charles Hayward show from Cafe Oto…


Nothing is Square Pt.2, Cultivate at Shipton Street Gallery, London E2 – opening night, 27th February 2020

Organ Thing? Five things, five musical things, in no particualr order, five msuicl things that have come our way in recent days, five things we thing worth your time, simple, here they are, go explore…

1: The National Honor Society – oh it is so tempting to add the missing letter U to their name, especially with that classic English sound they have. We must all support the NHS during these difficult times, “echoing influences from the best in British rock music from the last four decades, US four-piece The National Honor Society are set to release their debut album ‘To All the Glory We Never Had’, on 29th May via Chien Lunatique Records” Hey look, they got it just right with this perfect piece of uplifting indie pop and yes it may sound like a certain band who liked ot hang around Salford Boys Club and I might be drinking tea in te afternoon sunshine of London but this does sound rather right.

“A joyous romp of rousing melody and masterful songwriting, the album was produced by Erik Blood (Pink Lotion, Knife Knights, Shabazz Palaces), and across 10 rip-roaring songs, The National Honor Society gently dismantle your consciousness as every shimmering guitar note is both magical and uplifting and every breathed vocal hung heavy with honesty and emotional weight. Formed in Seattle, WA, The National Honor Society released their debut EP ‘All Change’ in 2017, charting at No.19 on influential New York critic Jack Rabid’s Big Takeover. Having received critical acclaim in their hometown for their magnetic live performances, the band have performed at a number of key venues in Seattle and the US, including the famous ‘Crocodile’, one-time home to Nirvana and Pearl Jam”.

“While we may have cut our teeth on influences from far away and long ago, our attempt with ‘Glory’ is to wed riffs that get lodged in your transom, with a vision of the modern world that seems inevitably headed towards the abyss. We’ve tried to act as observers in these songs, reflecting, rather than suggesting”, says singer and lyricist Leslie Coulter. “Ahead of the album release, The National Honor Socitety are pleased to share the C86-influenced album track ‘First Among The Last’, which recalls the swirling sounds of Ride, Lush and The Boo Radleys which defined a generation”, maybe not the usual Organ approved awkward noise but I like it, here it is….

The National Honor Society ‘To All The Glory We Never Had’ debut album released 29th May via Chien Lunatique Records


Nothing is Square Pt.2, Cultivate at Shipton Street Gallery, London E2 – opening night, 27th February 2020

2:  2:  NEW PRIMALS – They certainly bite, you might have caught them on the Other Rock Show recently, self-proclaimed “Noise Rock/Dance-Punk band from Minneapolis New Primals are releasing “Horse Girl Energy” via Learning Curve Records this week, or was it last week, don’t ask me, I’ve lost all track of weeks and days and month now United aren’t playing, my clock is shot to pieces. Do they bite is is it more of a punch, they sound a little like, we no, they sound rather like Sicbay, that of course is a good thing, or Colossamite or those much missed Scissormen or Red Eye Express, whatever happened to Red Eye Express? Enough of that, last time I saw them the singer was about to skip the country. Here’s the new New Primals album….


3: Beauty Pill are from Washington DC, “born in the mouth of the 21st century. Most songs are about the mouth of the 21st century”, they’ve just announced a new album Please Advise is to be released on May 8th via Northern Spy .

Please Advise is the first new music the band have released since 2015’s Describes Things As They Are, an album that earned widespread acclaim  The rather enjoyably lead single Pardon Our Dust is available worldwide on streaming platforms as of today. This past Friday, the track was released early (exclusively on Bandcamp) to help raise funds for Beauty Pill and bandleader Chad Clark, whose rare heart condition puts him at critical risk should he contract COVID-19. “If I become infected, I’m gonna die pretty swiftly. My doctor has assured me of this,” Clark shared recently via Twitter.

“Most Beauty Pill songs work by insinuation,” Clark explains, “but “Pardon Our Dust” is more abstract. It’s about oblivion. The dictionary says oblivion is “the state of being unaware of what is happening.” To me, oblivion seemed an idea worth interrogating in the Trump age when a lot of people feel like disappearing… To me, cumulatively the song feels like science fiction and the voice is some kind of malfunctioning artificial intelligence. What do “so few reasons left” and “willing to burn” mean? Something is happening in this song, but I can’t tell what. I’m not sure.”

In conjunction with the release of Please Advise, the plan right now is that Beauty Pill will host a weekend art exhibit of Yes I Am A Hologram at the highly respected D.C. art gallery, Lost Origins, where the band will also perform in an intimate, special one-off configuration.


Here’s some more..



Charles Hayward

4: Charles Hayward – here’s footage of the live stream of the Charles Hayward performance at Cafe Oto from a few days back, more details of what was happening here via the Organ preview, here’s what happened on the night, when Charles Hayward, he of This Heat and such, performed a solo set with support sets from Rie Nakajima, Merlin Nova and Alexis Taylor. Cafe oto, like most small venues and artist-led art galleries, is closed right now but performances are, or at lase were, still being live streamed partly as fund raisers for the vital experimental venue, more here

“For our fourth fundraiser night, Alexis Taylor performed a rare solo set, the great drummer, singer, composer and founding member of This Heat, Charles Hayward blasted out the corner of the room, O Yama O’s Rie Nakajima went solo on the furniture; and we welcomed back Merlin Nova, who collages voice, synthesizer, violin, field recording and other instruments into an intoxicating music that encompasses abrasion and reverie and everything in between”.


5:  Dinosaur, another band who’ve featured on these pages before, have a new album on the way, once again the so-called British jazz-supergroup continue to impress with this delightful first taste of their new album To The Earth.


“British jazz supergroup present third album To the Earth; as they enter their tenth year of trumpet-led, improvisatory magic, Mercury-nominated Dinosaur present brand new material which reflects ten years of making music as a band. Playing the compositions of bandleader and multi-award-winning composer Laura Jurd, Dinosaur explore Jurd’s distinctive yet ever-evolving music with playful abandon and technical prowess. Over the past decade, they have earned a reputation as some of the best UK jazz musicians of their generation and played at some of the world’s most iconic jazz festivals including North Sea, Molde and Montréal.. The band are Laura Jurd trumpet, Elliot Galvin piano, Conor Chaplin double bass and Corrie Dick drums. The new album is released on May 15, 2020

there’s your five, here’s some art, this lockdow nis driving us mad, no art gallery visits for two weeks now. The photos on this page are from the recent Nothing is Square Pt.2 show that happened here in east London bac kwhe nwe could go out to art shows, here’s a link if you need ot know more –  ORGAN THING: The squaring of it all? Nothing is ever that square. 38 artists, 140 pieces of identically sized pieces of art and another East London opening night…


Nothing is Square Pt.2, Cultivate at Shipton Street Gallery, London E2 – opening night, 27th February 2020

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