ORGAN THING: Footage of a complete live set from The Flying Luttenbachers, that’s the truth, no flipping lie…


Organ Thing of The Day – In the Stadtgarten basement, just a few steps down from a cosy little Christmas Market in Cologne, back at the end of 2019, that elegant thing that is The Flying Luttenbachers perform, and at times like this when we’re all stuck indoors and in some kind of lockdown situation, what better than Weasel Walter and his gang of…. ell what are they a gang of? Here, for your sanity and your delight is a live set from those Luttenbachers…



We haven’t mentioned The Flying Luttenbachers for three or four days now, here’s some Bandcamps, Skin Graft Records or indeed Weasel’s own UG Explode label should be able ot help you out with all you need while you’re in lockdown, do share it with your eighbours now…



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