ORGAN PREVIEW: Band of Holy Joy’s Echo of a Memory on ResonanceFM, and one week on from the opening of #43Artists and over 35,000 views so far, have you had a look?


While we’re locked down and not really escaping,  London’s rather fine, rather left-field, sometimes very anarchic arts radio station goes on 24/7 with a combination of new programmes made at home by the cast of volunteer show-makers, that and classic repeats from the vast library of shows and broadcasts.

“Hi Organeers, tonight, Friday night at 10pm  AN ECHO OF A MEMORY a sound collage by Band Of Holy Joy, text by Johny Brown, read by James Stephen Finn, edited by Lee Stapleford, best regards, and happy easter lockdowning, Johny and Holy Joy”

Further reading

ORGAN: The Band Of Holy Joy, a fine new album and a sound for right now…

ORGAN: There are no nails, just the sound of holy joy from the Band of Holy Joy at the Art Car Boot Fair…



You can hear a whole load of recent Organ-presented Resonance Other Rock Shows here, the show usually goes out live on a Sunday night from the studio down by London Bridge, right now you’re getting repeats on  Sunday night but you can enjoy them here at any time


Meanwhile, the #43Artists exhibition has now been on-line for a week and a morning, it has been viewed by just over 38,500 visitors from all over the world, the show will now stay here on the Organ website for people ot carry on exploring until we finally stop this Organ thing. The figures on our other six on-line exhbitions tell us people keep on viewing them even when they’ve been on line for a couple of years. If you haven’t had a look yet, here’s the link, 43 carefully selected artists and just over 250 pieces of work, view it all here



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