ORGAN THING: Oilmen songs, you can’t go wrong…


OILMEN are downtown economists, making stripped-back-down-low music for the minimalists out there. Champions of rhythm and skronk, they are variously enamoured of post-punk, hard bop, dirty blues, hip-hop, grime, straight-up pop, no wave, new wave, R&B, and noise rock.  The trio features Carruthers on baritone guitar & vocals, Zak Weppelin on drums & vocals & BB Cash on sax vocals.  Their debut 12″ ‘Tremendous Menace / Expect Excellence!’ is due to be released on Adaadat on April the 23rd and today they are our chosen organ Thing of The Day. For more release info, mp3’s and links –  – We do this becasue we care,  not everybody’s doing it, beat your chest and clench your fist now, knuckle walk..



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