ORGAN THING: Jillian Mayer’s You’ll Be Okay as week three of Annka Kultys Gallery’s series of online exhibitions, that and one hundred pieces of (painted) vinyl and a throwback to a car park and a thing We Could Not Agree on…


Organ Thing of The Day: East London’s Annka Kultys Gallery are carrying on with their series of online exhibitions Stay at home, which kind of got us thinking about other bits of video and took us t oa Wovette album we missed last year.

Jillian Mayer – You’ll Be Okay 19th – 25th April 2020 (Week 3) – Annka Kultys is pleased to present Jillian Mayer’s video You’ll Be Okay (2014) as the third instalment of the gallery’s online exhibition Stay at home, a presentation of new digital works produced by artists in response to the coronavirus pandemic. On every Sunday of the lockdown during Stay at home, a new artist will be showcased on AKG’s recently launched online platform [The art happens here]. Mayer’s work is on show for the third week of Stay at home, following on from Adad Hannah’s Social Distancing Video Portraits last week and James Irwin’s Surface Collider (23032020) two weeks ago.

You’ll Be Okay is a 4 minute looping animation of the title’s reassuring text written against a background of white clouds in a blue sky, composed to appear as if a skywriting plane had created the text. The aesthetic is one of man-made tech mimicking nature. Set to time-lapsed clouds, the words of the message fade away over several minutes before slowly being re-written in a continuous pre-programmed loop of reassurance.

Although it is not a recent video made during the coronavirus lockdown, the gallery decided to include You’ll Be Okay in Stay at home, to echo and publicise the City of West Hollywood, Los Angeles’s decision to play You’ll Be Okay on a giant screen over the city as a positive message for Los Angelenos during the lock down. Annka Kultys wishes to continue spreading the “You’ll be Okay” message of hope and optimism to our international audiences during this continuing period of uncertainty and just as it has been announced that the lockdown in the UK will be extended for another three weeks. You’ll Be Okay was also featured, along with four more of the artist’s videos, in Jillian Mayer’s solo presentation Impressions at Annka Kultys Gallery in October 2018″.

We could psot the video here but I;m sure the galelry would far rather we direct you over to their website to check things out, it is worth it.
I guess we could all be digging out old videos made before the virus closed down pretty much everything, here’s something we made back in 1014…

The One Hundred Pieced Vinyl Piece,  100 paintings created simultaneously over a 50 day period, for the London Art Car Boot Fair 2014 100 pieces painted on recycled 12″ vinyl records (May 2014)

Art by Sean Worrall
Music by Wovette
Animation/direction by Marinecreature

Actually, we haven’t caught up with Wovette for a bit, here’s a rather beautiful album we miseed from 2019.


And here’s an animated record of an art event that took place in better days, a massive group show in an underground car park in central London, it happened back in October 2014. before those London car park shows crashed in a stew of curator ego, a show called We Could Not Agree – and in the end we couldn’t, for a while it seemed like there was something there in the unity and the spirit of those shows, shame it all turned in on itself as the London art scene so often does.


I wonder what else we can find on the Organ / Cultivate archives?


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