ORGAN THING: Treat yourself to Camp SkinGraft, some Cheer Accident, Flying Luttenbachers, U.S Maple, Zeni Geva, Dazzling Killmen, Bobby Conn and some pay what you want pandemic pricing…


Organ Thing Of The Day: “This long unavailable, critically-acclaimed compilation was the first attempt to arrive at an audio definition of the “Skin Graft Records” sound. File under: No Wave, Electronic, Jazz, Rock, Noise, Progressive Rock, Free Jazz, Abstract, Fringe Metal, Space Rock, Punk, Avantgarde, Glitch, Art Rock, Hardcore, Outer Jazz-Rock – – or as they say with a wink and a sub pop nod: Now Wave” has been made available again via Bandcamp

I really should dig out the original Organ review from back there to go with today’s posting, thing is, where are those 1997 editions of Organ?


“o Collects rare and exclusive tracks from bands such as Brise-Glace (Jim O’Rourke), Zeni Geva, Dazzling Killmen, Bobby Conn, The Flying Luttenbachers, Cheer- Accident, The Scissor Girls, Quintron, Ruins, UFO Or Die (Boredoms), U.S. Maple The Denison Kimball Trio, Omoide Hatoba and many more!

It wasn’t so easy to get hold of these things and discover these U.S bands here in the UK back in the days before the web kicked in, it really was all about hand-sold zines at gigs and sending yer  cash via the postal service…. Easy peeesie now, go treat yourself…

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