ORGAN THING: The Stranglers fronted by Peter Hammill, with Robert Fripp in the mix, posted today in celebration of Dave Greenfield…


And why not, in celebration of Dave Greenfield and all things good, this really is a live recording of Peter Hammill fronting the Stranglers with extra guitar from Robert Fripp…


Background:  In the spring of 1980, Hugh Cornwell was in Pentonville Prison for drugs possession. With two gigs scheduled at the London Rainbow for 3 April and 4 April, the management decided to turn things around by approaching a number of well-known artists (including John Ellis, Toyah Willcox, Peter Hammill and Hazel O’Connor, among others) to fill in for the absent Cornwell. The Stranglers and Friends: Live in Concert chronicles this event. In 2002, this album was re-released on the Castle Music label with new artwork and sleeve-notes. (Wikipedia)

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