ORGAN THING: The Stranglers, This Song, that video, Stuart Pearce? Those keyboards, new album…

A new Stranglers song from a new Stranglers album, “who’s that?” she said, “that’s good””, and that is the thing here, if this was a new single from a new band everyone would surely be raving, those Stranglers are sounding rather good, and those keyboards, did any other keyboard player have a fingerprint like that? This Song’ is out today on 10th Sept 2021 on Coursegood. Taken from the new album ‘Dark Matters‘ by The Stranglers, actually the whole album is sounding rather fine . And that “frontman” in the video looks rather familiar, when did Stuart Pearce join the band? What a video (who directed it?).

Dark Matters is the first Stranglers studio album since 2012’s Giants. Keyboardist Dave Greenfield died with COVID-19 in May 2020,[3] with the track And If You Should See Dave… being written by bassist and singer Jean-Jacques Burnel as a subsequent tribute to Greenfield. Greenfield features on eight of the album’s 11 tracks, with the remainder being completed by other band members remotely due to COVID-19 restrictions


ORGAN: R.I.P Stranglers keyboard genius Dave Greenfield…

ORGAN THING: The Stranglers fronted by Peter Hammill, with Robert Fripp in the mix, posted today in celebration of Dave Greenfield…

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