ORGAN THING: A prog rock rabbit hole, The Osiris Club, Cheer Accident, Birth, The Mercury Tree, PoiL and….

The rabbit hole we went down earlier this week was a result of a very long interview The Mercury Tree had done with those progrock super heroes Cheer Accident. Did they mention rabbits? It is a very long interview….

Before anything else we should mention the new Osiris Club abum, it has had a bit of radio play from us already, it just came out, or maybe it is just coming out? It is once more the sound of the London band mixing old school proper heavy rock with a good dose of even more proper prog and just a small enough to make it matter hint ot two of 90’s flavoured post-punk in there with the bits of Rush (and it does have a rabbit-like hare or two on the cover). the Bandcamp page will tell you more….


The Mercury Tree perform Vestments, from the Spidermilk album release show at Mississippi Studios in Portland, OR, May 1, 2019. Something to do with 17 EDO tuning for people wh oneed ot know these things….

“Our interview with Thymme Jones of the storied, unclassifiable rock band CHEER-ACCIDENT, founded in Chicago in 1981, and which recently released their 20th album, Chicago XX.” so said The Mercury Tree, which, after a while had us go check our what The Mercury Tree were doing and then remembering that we hadn’t actually mention that last album they put out. They were played on the Other Rock show back when their most recent album came out but we never did mentioned them on these often far too fractured pages. Here is that most recent (2019) album on their Bandcamp and the interview they did with Cheer Accident, the very (very) long interview is just down there, before that, the latest Mercury Tree album…

“A mammoth project of over two years, this is our first full-length album composed entirely in microtonal tuning using 17 notes per octave. Using an assortment of custom-built instruments and synthetic sounds, and a newly expanded lineup, we’ve tried to craft something that’s beautiful yet completely unfamiliar. We hope these novel pitches, typically rarely heard by the average music listener, will introduce you to an alien and fascinating world, yet one that’s still rich with humanity and emotion”.


Here comes that very long interview The mercury Tree did with Cheer Accident…

And for those of you who like to gor right to the bottom of the Rabbit hole, here’s your reward, grab hold of this! Now this really is proper….

Birth – “Elegiac mellotron-assisted songcraft, richly melodious abandon and monumental solo passages thus join forces to deliver a third-eye-cleansing blast of vibrant progressive rock, replete with grandiose cinematic scope and psychedelic intensity” so they declare. You can download thier new EP at a name yout own price from their Bandcamp


Here’s what Birth say about things….

“Newly signed to Bad Omen Records, Birth are a group who arrive via a particularly magical portal on the space-time continuum to deliver a third-eye-cleansing blast of vibrant progressive rock, replete with grandiose cinematic scope and psychedelic intensity on their debut ep.

The journey began, for two members of this entourage, with ASTRA: San Diego’s mighty builders of psychic bridges between the Roger Dean-decorated landscapes of the ‘70s and new sonic frontiers, whose albums ‘The Weirding’ (2009) and ‘The Black Chord’ (2012) stand proud as two of the greatest progressive achievements of this century thus far. Possessing a questing spirit as strong as their love for the classics, in 2017 Astral travellers Conor Riley and Brian Ellis have joined forces with PSICOMAGIA rhythm section of Trevor Mast and Paul Marrone (on this recording) to transcend era and archetype, creating a soundtrack for an epic sci-fi saga on an imaginary timeline, on a long forgotten and overgrown planet.

The roots of said overgrowth may well lead some listeners back to the wide-eyed days of the early 70’s, offering shades of ‘The Yes Album’, the wayward serenades of Van Der Graaf Generator, the demented potency of King Crimson and even the stellar travelogue of Far East Family Band. Yet with those roots planted deep in such psychic territory and expressive techniques, BIRTH can stretch their vines upward and allow their collective imagination to reach fresh and unfathomable new heights in their planet’s atmosphere. Elegiac mellotron-assisted songcraft, richly melodious abandon and monumental solo passages thus join forces to result in a richly affecting kosmische melancholia”. 

Birth on Facebook / Instagram

We have of course covered Cheer Accident many many (many) times, indeed, we’ve been around long enough to have covered their debut album when it was originally released over hear of Neat Records.

ORGAN THING: The outrageously rewarding new Cheer Accident album, the Chicago band’s twentieth, surely they have no right to still be this good…

Organ Thing of The Day – The new Cheer Accident album, the Chicago band’s twentieth is here… CHEER ACCIDENT – CHICAGO XX (Cuneiform Records) – The new Cheer Accident album has landed, the full album, this is very exciting, and yes, of course we expect to be challenged, of course we expect the unexpected, of… read on

You can never ever have too much Cheer Accident, you’ll never get to the end of their rabbit hole…

And while we’re down here, here’s the mightly PoiL at RiO, now that’s what we call prog!

ORGAN THING: PoiL’s new album Sus, holymerde this sounds good, prog as flip…

PoiL – Sus (Dur et Doux) – Falling down the stairs in such an awkwardly neat way, everything landing where it should and nothing out of place, this is deliciously hard-boiled progressive rock, progressive in all senses, forward-looking musically challenging proper prog rock for those who don’t want it to be predictable and polite, nothing… read on

And that was that, have you check out the new Stranglers stuff yet? ORGAN THING: The Stranglers, This Song, that video, Stuart Pearce? Those keyboards, new album…

Last night’s Other Rock Show, an hour of music that uses unconventional structures and ‘other’ time signatures – gathered from the worldwide undergrounds of math rock, avant prog, weird electronica and strange pop.

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