ORGAN THING: Van Der Graaf Generator updated UK dates and re-issue special editions news including Pawn Hearts on its 50th anniversary, oh and The Osiris Club…

VdGG in rehearsal Exeter Aug 22 2021 photo credit Ed Clarke

This just in from a Van Der Graaf Generator spokesperson, “Hi Sean, Hope you’re well. Here with the latest news of Van Der Graaf Generator. The band is going on a UK tour at last in Feb/March 2022. And we’ve news of 4 x Special Edition albums, each available separately, out now in 3-disc remastered CD/DVD format, complete with new Stereo and Surround Sound mixes, and wonderful booklets. Including Pawn Hearts on its 50th anniversary! We’ve also got news of vinyl releases”. 

There you have it, don’t be shooting at me, I’m just repeating it word for word, I could just keep it to myself but this is your ever caring sharing Organ, it is mostly a thankless task and I am rather busy throwing paint at the Art Car Boot Fair this week, there is no time for these things, there is always time for these important things.

Easiest way once more is to just do the screen grab and give you the long press release in full. Here it is in slide show form, all complaints to the usual place. Click on an image to enlarge or to run the slide show  

And do check out The Osiris Club down at the foot of the page for we have always mostly been about the new, I think that new track shows off their Van Der Graaf/Cardiacs/Crimson flavours as well as that finger print that is no one but the Club, find it at the foot of the page…

And hey look, VanDer Graaf, like Cardiacs, might be our fuel but there always needs to be new bands, the latest album from The Osiris Club is finally released this week, here’s a new video. Read more about the new album here – ORGAN THING: A prog rock rabbit hole, The Osiris Club, Cheer Accident, Birth, The Mercury Tree, PoiL and….


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