ORGAN THING: The dignity of humble buildings, artist Pete Monaghan at Ffin y Parc Gallery 


Pete Monaghan

Today’s Organ Thing of the Day, and I have been meaning to share this for a couple of weeks now.  Although it really is no substitute for being there and controlling the view and you really want the camera to just go in far closer and stop moving and argghhh, this vitial tour of a gallery or someone with a video camera or a phone or whatever sweeping around on your behalf really won’t get anywhere near the need to be there and doing the looking and the sensing and smelling foryourslef yourself (and Ralph, put down that giant glass of wine, you do really look a little awkward). I do like rather like Pete Monaghan’s work, his use of materials in an untraditional way in a context that is rather beautifully possitively traditional, I do like his atmospheres and flavours, the weather-beaten colour, the lines, the lives lived, the “dignity of humble buildings”. Here then, is footage of a show behind locked down doors at Ffin y Parc Gallery, North Wales and for now, a film of something none of us can g osee will have to do  (sw)

“Sit back, Relax and let Ralph Sanders guide you around our latest virtual exhibition – New works by artist Pete Monaghan. All works can be viewed and purchased via our website –





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