ORGAN THING: Straighten your spine, only if the breathing is communal, Paul Sakoilsky, Mat Ducasse a.k.a. Matty Skylab and some kind of poetical musical performance piece of…


Organ Thing of the Day? Do you have lift off? They have no idea? Don’t ask me. Back in the saddle again after all that turmoil that took far more time and effort than you could possibly imagine. Straighten your spine, only if the breathing is communal, left, left, left, I guess there needs to be some kind of understanding? Understand? Nine? Far from the turmoil of it all, the birds are winning in Hackney this week, at last, the blackbirds. Don’t ask me? don’t ask him or her or them, scalpel knife? .Smashed to a bloody pulp? Don’t ask me, pass the scalpel, let us cut and paste, back in the saddle again calling all the shots, bloody mechanics stiring their tea with my screwdriver

“Mat Ducasse a.k.a. Matty Skylab, is a DJ, musician, producer, artist and scene painter based in London. Paul Sakoilsky is an East London based painter, performance and media hijacker, writer and poet based in London”, you might have just caught Paul in that (Far from the) Turmoil show? It is a thin dividing line and well, here….


PIER PAULO PASOLINI (5 March 1922 – 2 November 1975) was an Italian film director, poet, writer, and intellectual, who also distinguished himself as an actor, journalist, novelist, playwright, and political figure. He remains a controversial personality in Italy due to his blunt style and the focus of some of his works on taboo sexual matters. He was an established major figure in European literature and cinematic arts. His murder prompted an outcry in Italy and its circumstances continue to be a matter of heated debate.

Recorded live one night at Matty Skylab’s London studio it ‘is a mangled record of a mangled night from 2 mangled geezers.’ The title is from a line from ‘Pasolini’ a poem by Sakoilsky. He was thinking of recording it at which point, Ducasse set him up with a foot pedal sampler, and it all took it’s own form. Dialectics in Action.

Pier Paolo
they left your battered smashed body
a symbol of all that is wrong in the world
their ugliness, the ugliness of power
written there awful un-viewable
your beautiful frame
your beautiful thoughts mind and voice
your visceral beautiful dialectics
crushed smashed to a bloodied pulp of a face
did they turn you into some secular saint
the echo of that dark and bloody faith
with its crucified god and tortured saints

‘Pasolini’ (excerpt) Paul Sakoilsky

released May 15, 2020

Paul Sakoilsky: Words and Vocalisations
Mat Ducasse: Guitar, Electronics, Treatments, Mix and Production
Mastered by Keir McCabe

And far from all that turmoil it must all surely go on, there is never a full stop. Some times there is a full stop, come on come on come on come on on with this damn Organ thing we accidentally started 34 years ago, almost as long as it takes Great Art to deliver some canvas. Back in the saddle again? I could be painting, I should be painting, anough of this damn Organ thing. The pigeons need more water in their bowls  Let’s take another call on carehomes, that’s all we have time for, what a shame what a shame, what a shame, time for the news, listen up, don’t swear in vain…  (sw)


55: PAUL SAKOILSKY – ‘Don’t fall ill’ – – The Dark Times (Lockdown Series). Acrylic on newspaper




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