ORGAN THING: Bloody ‘ell, look at that, the artist known as Stik lights up Piccadilly Circus…


Bloody ‘ell, look at that, makes you feel rather proud of ‘im doesn’t it.  STIK at Piccadilly Lights – London 26 May 2020 “A new installation by artist STIK has been unveiled in Central London. The digital artwork revolves around the historical Piccadilly Lights, the largest public screen in Europe and depicts a group of young people holding hands as a symbol of hope and solidarity both locally and internationally during the Coronavirus Lockdown. The special artwork was created by STIK for Young Westminster Foundation as the flagship campaign to raise core funding for their crucial work with young people in the local community. The artwork runs until the end of the month at Piccadilly Circus, Central London”.

Nice one.

To donate to the We Are Together Campaign, follow this link


Young Westminster Foundation 

Young Westminster Foundation 
(YWF) brings together youth organisations, young people, businesses, Westminster City Council, schools and the wider community to shape opportunities and create the best services for young people in Westminster, London. YWF is part of the growing network of Young People’s Foundations, who bring together the public, private and voluntary sectors to effect positive change for young people within local communities.

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