ORGAN THING: Sean Scully, Blackout Wednesday, art as a force for good…


Sean Scully ‘Ghost Night’ 2018

Organ Thing of the Day?  Not sure we’re ready to just follow yesterday, #BlackoutTuesday, with some kind of back to normal wednesday, those squares yesterday need to be more than just tokenism, they need to be more that just being seen to do it.  Did write a piece over on the Cultivate website this morning, not really ready to just get back to posting music reviews or bits of art quite yet or previews of art shows, maybe tomorrow? Here’s a couple of iamges “stolen” from Sean Scully’s social media feed, he put both of them out there in the last couple of days (along with the #icantbreathe #vote #dumptrump hashtags) so I’m sure he won’t mind, he is an artist I openly admire , peole do ask who the person I sometimes refer to as the Other Sean. The Other Sean talkd a lot of sense about a lot of things, about art being a force for good…    (sw)


Sean Scully ‘Ghost Something Black’ 2017


2 thoughts on “ORGAN THING: Sean Scully, Blackout Wednesday, art as a force for good…

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