ORGAN THING: Frida, Angela Davis, Cuba and some Revolutionary Women Online Film Screenings…


A quick parish notice in terms of today’s Organ Thing, seems there’s a whole load of what are billed as “Revolutionary Women Online Film Screenings” coming up next week, screenings brought to you by the South London Revolutionary Communist Group, here’s whast they have to say about what they’re doing

“Women bear the double burden of class-based and gender-based oppression. Yet, contrary to the constraints of the chains of capitalism, we shout loud, and we shout clear: Women hold up half the sky!

10th of July, 7pm (GMT+1) – FRIDA (Julie Taymor) – Chronicling the life of the Mexican artist and communist Frida Kahlo, the film explores her personal life and relationships, from her tragic accident as a young woman, to her beautiful, challenging art, her relationship to communism and her drive to fight for a better world. Her challenge to the art world, her commitment to women and her important political contribution are all explored.

11th of July, 7pm (GMT+1) – FREE ANGELA DAVIS AND ALL POLITICAL PRISONERS! (Shola Lynch) – Communist and revolutionary Angela Davis discusses the actions that led to her imprisonment and the worldwide political movement for her freedom. From her early years as a student in the U.S. and abroad to her highly publicised arrest and trial following the brazen hostage-taking and murder of Marin County judge Harold Haley in California, Lynch’s film leaves no stone unturned as it explores every remarkable detail of Davis’ life, and allows her to tell her own stories through a series of intimate interviews.

12th of July, 7pm (GMT+1) – CUBANAS, MUJERES EN REVOLUCI´ON (Maria Torrellas) – This film evokes the continuous role of women in the Revolution, both in the guerrilla struggle and in the construction of the new Cuban society, through the testimonies of heroines such as Vilma Espín, Celia Sánchez and Haydée Santamaría, the founding figures of the Revolution.

“Without women, the enormous work of the Revolution would not have been possible. Throughout these difficult years, there has been no economic, social or political task, there has been no scientific, cultural or sporting achievement, there has been no contribution to the defence of our land and the sovereignty of the Homeland, which has not relied on the invariably enthusiastic and patriotic presence of the Cuban woman.” – Fidel Castro

The proceeds from this event funds the political work of the Revolutionary Communist Group.

Tixket details here

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