ORGAN THING: Listen back to Art Terry’s excellent Resonance FM show ‘Is Black Music’ from last night, did you know George Floyd was a hip-hop artist?


Organ Thing of The Day: Art Terry’s show, Is Black Music, on London’s ever vital arts radio station Resonance FM is always rewarding, the piano tuner, for that is what Art does when he’s not on the radio, always comes up with something worth your time. Last night’s show, last night being where Tuesday 9th June becomes Wednesday,, last night at midnight on Is Black Music, Art Terry presented this show – “The world has been woke by the killing of George Floyd. Did you know he was a hip-hop artist? We explore tracks written about Floyd and by Big Floyd”

Here’s the mixcloud of last night’s show for you to check out in your own time…


Is Black Music is “the world’s first and longest running alternative Black music radio show, hosted by Art Terry


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