ORGAN: Five Recommended Art Things – Evengy Antufiev, Emalin at Art Basel, Robert Sample, Joseph Loughborough and Bael at Ben Oakley Gallery, Unchartered Territory from North Wales, This One and friends on Brick Lane, Judy Chicago at Baltic…


Evengy Antufiev

Thursday? Five art things? Are we still in lockdown, Boris and his bunch of crooks aren’t exactly being that clear about anything now are they? The scientists look like they’ve disowned it all and I think we can meet to have sex in zoos or maybe safari parks as long as we “stay alert” and only drink out of plastic beer glasses with our masks on and then throw both in the street afterwards?  Actually Boris, Dom and the rest of them couldn’t care less just as long as their own people are looked after could they? Carry on plebs, the share price is dropping we need you back out there working for us. Five recommended art things? Well as much as I’m itching to see some actual art in the actual flesh, to actually stand in front of a painting or two rather than just having to look at art on line, I’m certainly not ready to set foot in a gallery yet, and I’m certainly not ready to go to an opening night or do any of that other stuff. or do pretty much any kind of other stuff,  we’re in no rush for stuff, no appetite for anything other than to just crawl up the wall in splendid isolation (although I can think of a few statues I’d like to maybe help tear down).

Five recommended art things to check out this week then? Can we be doing with all this on-line art smartarsery?  Five recommended art things for this week?

1: Evengy Antufiev via Emalin and Art Basel’s viewing rooms –  “Emalin is a London-based contemporary art gallery run by Leopold Thun and Angelina Volk. Since opening its doors in Shoreditch in 2016, the gallery has grown a programme of international artists with a shared focus on emerging and multi- disciplinary practices”, not everything they do is brilliant but they do hit the spot more often than not, there is a lack of (East) London artists shown in their space, have they ever shown the work of an East London artist or indeed taken themselves to any of the artist-run East London spaces to have even a brief look?  Wouldn’t it be great if they were to mix it up a just a little bit?  An occasional home town artist alngside those from New York, Moscow or Vilnius? Emalin do have some rather decent shows in that Shoreditch space of theirs though, Condo wasa bit of a let down again this year but that beautifully chaotic Kembra Pfahler event of an opening night back in 2016 is never to be forgotten and Evengy Antufiev is always always always rewarding, his show in the space and indeed his work Emalin took to Frieze back in 2017 was genuinely exciting.

So Art Basel are doing things on line, viewing rooms, there’s some bulshit about VIP viewings before we, the great unwashed are allowed to log in and have a look, art really doesn’t do much to help itself does it?  Public viewing is allowed, from June 19th and the viewing room is open until June 26th just as long as to don’t mind handingover your details so Art Basel can market at you, Evengy Antufiev  is an exciting rewarding artist though, and “For Art Basel Online Viewing Rooms, Emalin is pleased to present a new body of bronze sculptures by Evgeny Antufiev, originally produced for the artist’s Art Basel Statements presentation. Additionally, the viewing room includes a group of new works by Augustas Serapinas, who was due to participate in this year’s Art Basel Parcours with a site-specific project” .

Join Evgeny Antufiev for a private tour of his studio in Moscow, including an insight into the artist’s personal collections of materials and artefacts that inform his practice. This virtual studio visit will be held via the video conferencing platform Zoom and gives participants an opportunity to meet the artist, ask questions and delve deeper into the work.

Ecplore Emalin and Evgeny Antufiev at Art Basel here

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Evgeny Antufiev at Emalin, East London, December 2017

2:  Mentro i dir newydd : Unchartered territory – Been rather enjoying exploring the final show of the 2020 Art Foundation course from Bangor, North Wales – you can still view it on line and and get a flavour of an exciting new artist or two making their first moves. Of course the students had to take it all on-line this year, a massive blow for everyone involved I’m sure but it did give us a chance to explore things from our East London bunker and indeed, as course leader Owein Prendergast says, there’s some inspiring work there, some people to watch out for –  I wonder what Benjamin Brown will come up with next?  There are some positives to come out of this lockdown and having to explore art on line, we probably wouldn’t have got to explore if the show hadn’t been on line, we’ve just invited a rather intriguing artist called Jessica Hill to come join us for the next Cultivate show that opens next week. I suspect from what I see,. Jessica won’t be the only one invited to join us once we can get back to physical shows and hanging things on walls. Explore the show and the work produced on the course this year via this link


Jessica Hill


3:   BRICK LANE, EAST LONDON,Doing what little we can” said the artist known as This One, a piece that appeared on the bridge on Brick lane this week, a This One collaboration with Tizer, Cazer, Tworise and Core246.  you see, artists have bee nusing thier government sanctioned one hour of socially distanced exercise time rather well.  Out there on the street art has been happening…


Brick Lane, East London, June 2020.

4: Judy Chicago at Baltic Until July 30th – I guess if we must restrict ourselves to on-line exploring then the there are worse places to explore than the Judy Chivago BLATIC SOHW “In her 80th birthday year, BALTIC presents the first major UK survey of pioneering feminist artist, author and educator Judy Chicago. The exhibition spans Chicago’s fifty-year career, from her early actions in the desert in the 1970s, to her most recent series, The End: A Meditation on Death and Extinction (2013–16), which has not been previously shown outside of the US.

Judy Chicago explores the artist’s work from the perspective of the human condition, connecting birth and death with the emotional journeys experienced by the artist whilst highlighting Chicago’s ongoing concern with the devastating effects of climate change on the natural world. The Birth Project (1980–85) is presented in dialogue with The End, linking the two extremes of being – birth and death. Alongside this, the detailed series of drawings and watercolours constituting Autobiography of a Year (1993–94) and My Accident (1986) offer a glimpse into the emotions the artist experienced over the course of one year and the impact of an accident in her life.

The exhibition also includes a selection of photographs from Chicago’s iconic Atmosphere series (1967–2017), which proposes a feminist approach to Land Art. A triptych of photographs from A Purple Poem for Miami (2019) will be seen for the first time in a commission for BALTIC’s entrance area lightbox”.- explore here


Judy Chicago

5: Robert Sample, Joseph Loughborough and Bael at Ben Oakley Gallery – The Ben Oakley Gallery over the river in Greenwich is one of the smaller London artist-led galleries trying to get things going again as we ease out of this Locodown situation we’re not really sure if we’re still in or not.  “Ben Oakley Gallery launches a new exhibition, ‘Triptych’ showcasing three works per artist inspired by each others practice. Robert Sample, Joseph Loughborough and Bael will be sharing the gallery space, viewing is by appointment only or fo view it on-line in a virtual. The show opens on June 12th, more details via the gallery website www.


And there you are, ten years to the very day since Ben Oakley last appeared as an artist at one of our events, back before the days of Cultivate…  Five things, se, art does go on, I’m off to do some art drop type things and to get on with hanging out final on-line show of three during these lockdown times, the names of the artists will all appear in that green square any moment now. Art is generally a force for good, kick over those statues, see you out there some time soon. (sw)


View the previous on-line Cuultivate show (Far from the) Turmoil here


More of this soon…. maybe…

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