ORGAN THING: Some “summery ambient electronic goodness”? Or maybe a beautiful taste of Axebreaker instead? Terence Hannum of Locrian and The Holy Circle returns with his solo anti-fascist power electronic project…



Organ Thing of The Day? Well it isn’t likely to be some polite piece of “summery ambient electronic goodness” from Wales that some PR person keeps telling us we’ll love, apparently the summery piece in question got a début bit of airplay on Radio One this week and that fact is supposed to impress us, I haven’t bothered with Radio One since Tommy left Friday night sounding rather empty, and a summery piece of ambient electronic goodness from Wales really isn’t really going to have us reaching for the keyboard to bang out words or anything else now is it? Thankfully, Deathbomb Arc, without ever needing a pushy boy who keeps crying wolf PR person throwing badly aimed hype at us, keep on delivering the biscuits, there’s nothing summery or breezy or anything else about this beautiful taste of Axebreaker from the new album ‘Eliminationism’, an album that’s due out on Deathbomb Arc any moment now, an album that almost certainly won’t be celebrating summer breeziness as everything turns ot an even bigger hell that it already is, here you go, go sit on the balcony and enjoy the summer with the soothing sunny sound of Axebreaker


“Terence Hannum of Locrian and The Holy Circle returns with his solo anti-fascist power electronic project. For ‘Eliminationism’ he pays homage to 90s style noise with a no-breaks full length album presented a single monolithic track. Composed both from field recordings and synths, the startling shifts in movements make this anything but easy listening despite the love of atmospherics”. More here, don’t tell us we don’t share the best in summer sounds with you now…


And while we’re here, have some Leech Woman from the end of the precious century, I always though they were kind of breezy and summery and wholesome and other things like that, they were from London, some of them had to leave town…


One more video still stolen from that Axebreaker video…  don’t forget yuor suncream and your Pimms now…


We bring you these things from our East End basement, there’s nothing summery or breezy herein this part of London  mate…





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