ORGAN: Five Musical Things – Admiral Grey gets to grip with Psychic Graveyard, the lush sound of Slow Pulp, Swedish pianist Henrik Lindstrand, Books on Tape, the raw jazz of Asher Gamedze, new Idles…


Five more musical things for what all this wordery is all worth. What’s words worth anyway? We can’t see the wood for the trees and there are so so many press releases here, there”s a new Idles video waiting in the in-box but they surely don’t need us posting their videos now or going on about how consistently good they are now that they’re household names – they are though, they are constantly good that is and never quite as obvious as you think they’re surely going to be this time around. Five new slices of music then, five musical things in no particular order

1: Psychic Graveyard –    Here’s a new video, that’s a still from it up there, directed by the artistic force that is Admiral Grey, a track from the album ‘A Bluebird Vacation’; out now on Deathbomb Arc on both cassette & vinyl


2: Henrik Lindstrand – Revered Swedish pianist Henrik Lindstrand has released his brand new video for ‘Dungen’ directed by Daniel Buchwald, via One Little Independent (as the label once known as One Little Indian is know called), “communicating emotions through a soothing and intimate universe that seamlessly blends genres into his own ecosystem of sounds from the piano” so reads the press release..


Speaking about ‘Dungen’ Lindstrand explains “this piece was initially a commissioned composition for the health and meditation app AIO. I wanted to write a minimalistic piece with lots of space and time for reflection and focus. The inspiration came from a small grove (Dungen means grove in Swedish) nearby my house as a child where I could hang out on my own when I needed to find some peace.”

The press release goes on to tell us “Lindstrand’s career is littered with accolades that make up an impressive and eclectic resume. A keen musician from a young age, he graduated from the Rhythmic Conservatory in Copenhagen where he became engrossed in the local musical culture and lent his skills to a multitude of acts as a studio musician, live player and string arranger. This lead to him being “adopted” into Danish rock band Kashmir, one of Scandinavia‘s most prominent and acclaimed bands with whom he toured the world extensively as their keyboard player and guitarist. During his tenure in Kashmir and until the band’s hiatus, Henrik worked with seminal profiles such as Tony Visconti, Andy Wallace, David Bowie and Lou Reed, whilst building a career alongside as a highly regarded composer for television and cinema. Recent accomplishments include the score for the ITV Nordic-noir series Greyzone, the soundtrack for the hugely successful and award winning Lego game, Builder´s Journey and a film score to Undtagelsen (The Exception) to be released this summer. Recent noteable solo performances include sold out concerts in Copenhagen, The Heartland Festival (DK) Silent Green in Berlin, Soho House London, Union Chapel London and Pianeo Festival Munster (D)” More via his website – Henrik Lindstrand


3: Books on Tape –  From Books on Tape’s first album of new music in 15 years, ‘Pastoral Granada’, out now on the4 ever poductive and (almost) always rewarding Deathbomb Arc, hands clean now, wash those hands, play dirty tracks, this is as ever a non-stop operation that really must stop soon, music sucks up all the painting time, books on tape or on your phone or on your floors stacked up high and where did we leave that Stravinssky one, what are words worth?  


Here’s some more, you go work it out, go ask Deathbomb, Death wil lknow, Death has the answers



4: Asher Gamedze – ‘state of emergence’ is an epic side-long suite, described as “exquisite and emotionally raw” by Robin D.G. Kelley in the liner notes for Asher’s forthcoming debut LP, Dialectic Soul, “and will render you completely incapacitated for the rest of the day. It’s a piece of music that you will not forget. Asher introduces his composition “state of emergence” as the themes that constitute the album; free drums representing autonomous African motion, the saxophone reflecting deeply and honestly on the violence of colonialism. The teachings of Coltrane, Biko, Makeba, Malcom and others inspire the music’s positive manifestation of resistance. “Fundamentally, it is about the reclamation of the historical imperative. It is about the dialect of the soul and the spirit while it moves through history. The soul is dialectic. Motion is imperative. We keep moving.”

More via the Bandcamp


5: Slow Pulp – Don’t ask about the wordsworth on this one ether, hey, I’m just trying ot paint here while at the same time beat down the mountain of new music in the damn in-box –  hitting the play button, hitting the delete button not long after that in most cases, do like this though, I still like my slice of lush moody smouldersound, that refined 90’s thing from back in the old world, I would have wanted to put this out if we had heard it back the 90’s, back when we did that sort of thing – rather like the way it just does that thing it does without really sounding like it cares what you or I think of it, I still like that first Angel Cage album when I put it on, I hate the cover, I never wanted that cover, I really like this Slow Pulp song, I want to hear more drom this band, the single sounds like the kind of thing you just put on repeat, indeed I have, sixth time in a row now, the kind of thing you don’t shout about or share, you just quietly love it to bits and don’t tell anyone any of this though, you know we were mostly releasing hardcore punk rock and awkwardly twisted Cardiacs wreckords back in the 90’s right? Now idea who Slow Pulp are, not read the press release yet, I’ll psot the blurb on the other side of the video in a moment…


“Madison, WI-bred and Chicago-based band Slow Pulp – Emily Massey (vocals/guitar), Alexander Leeds (bass), Theodore Mathews (drums), and Henry Stoehr (guitar)–announce their self-produced debut album, Moveys, today. A testament to hard-fought personal growth, Moveys is a remarkable debut made in remarkable times, as Slow Pulp powered through health challenges, personal upheaval, and a pandemic. The songs on Moveys took shape while on tour with Alex G in 2019, after the band scrapped an album’s-worth of material following Massey’s diagnosis with Lyme disease and chronic Mono. The obstacles only continued from there, as Massey’s parents were soon after in a severe car crash one week before COVID-19 shut the country down. Full of blistering energy and emotional catharsis, this compelling 10-track collection highlights the band’s resourcefulness and resilience to come together during unthinkable time. Pre-order Moveys, out October 9th on Winspearhere

Today, Slow Pulp shares Moveys lead single “Idaho.” Written on the road during tour-induced disorientation that led Stoehr to confuse their gig at Colorado College for a show in an entirely different state, “Idaho” bursts to life with shimmering guitars and Massey powerfully singing about the mental health hurdles that come with accepting love, “I’ll keep on holding out for the downside / Before I knew why.” Check out the song up there…




And before we go, that new Idles video that was mentinoed in the editiorial introduction thing you probably didn’t bother reading, what’s words werth indeed. They still want to be loved, everybody does…

‘A HYMN’ from the new album ‘ULTRA MONO’ released on 25 September 2020 on Partisan Records. PRE ORDER/PRE SAVE now at where ever this link takes you

I’m out of here, what’s words worth?

What’s Words Worth? is a Motörhead live album recorded in 1978 but not released until 1983. Wilko Johnson organised a charity event on 18 February 1978 at The Roundhouse to raise money to help preserve some William Wordsworth manuscripts. The Count Bishops and Motörhead were also on the bill, but for contractual reasons Motörhead needed to perform under another name. Lemmy came up with the name Iron Fist and the Hordes from Hell, part of which would later be used for the name of a studio album. During this performance Mick Farren joined them onstage for a version of “Lost Johnny”. Chiswick Records boss Ted Carroll organised the Rolling Stones mobile truck to record the event and later released the album through his Big Beat Records label in 1983 (NED 2). After that it has been re-released with other titles and/or other sleeves, amongst others as “The Watcher” in Canada, “City Kids”, “Live, Loud and Lewd” and “Iron Fist and the Hordes from Hell”.

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