ORGAN THING: The gloriously challenging Flying Luttenbachers have just issued a warning that their Incarceration By Abstraction album is to be released on vinyl at last…


The Flying Luttenbachers have just issued a warning that their 2007 album “Incarceration By Abstraction” is to be remastered by Weasel Walter this July 2020, and released later this year. this will be the first time the album has been available on vinyl – limited to 300 copies –

“The metatext of this collection of songs concerns the rebirth of the robot out of the debris resulting from the cosmic battle between the void and the behemoth. the robot struggles with insanity as elements of all three entities struggle for control of the psyche. the compositions on this album were written between 2004 and 2007. much of this music was intended to be performed by guitarists ed rodriguez and/or mick barr. unfortunately neither musician is currently able to work with the band, so i have recorded definitive solo versions of each piece here for the sake of documentation.” – weasel walter, july 9, 2007

Pre-orders are being taken for the remastered LP version of 2007’s “Incarceration By Abstraction” by The Flying Luttenbachers on Improved Sequence Records of Italy. People should be pleased with the remastering. It isn’t radically different, but it’s less harsh, fuller sounding and more impactful than the previous version. This solo album is the ultracomplex next level after 2006’s full band “Cataclysm”, featuring Weasel Walter on all instruments. The LP is expected to ship around September 18, 2020.

More details via the Flying Luttenbachers Bandcamp page

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