ORGAN THING: Aya shares a piece of brilliance from upcoming Houndstooth compilation, check it out here, we dare you to sour your lips with it…


“Organ Thing of The Day “AYA shares brilliant track ‘DaRE u to sour lips with me’ from upcoming Houndstooth compilation” said the headline, get back on the goddamn horse and start posting things said the voice in the the head. The headline is right, it is a brilliant track, I don’t know, lockdown, art-less times unless you commit to an time and an apointment to view, that and the Leader of The Starry Skies and well, it is sometimes a little hard ot find the motivation in these days of whatever this “new normal” is, This is good though, this just jumped out of the in-mountain in the in-box, this jsut demanded some attention, this is refreshing., this is Aya and a thing called ‘DaRE u to sour lips with me’

AYA’s ‘DaRE u to sour lips with me’ takes inspiration from a night in Manchester club White Hotel, and her interest in music with “trans-figurative power of experience and memory on the physical body.” She pieces together distinct elements of UK rave into metamorphic idyll of peak time energy. “. Out at the end of the month on an album via the Houndstooth label so it seems



There’s a whole load of words that explain why this fine piece of music is in our in-box today, I could sue that information to write a smartarse piece about that fine piece of music and well, yes I could, butthen I could also be painting…

“On August 28th the forward thinking, London-based label Houndstooth will release a new compilation of warped, experimental and deconstructed club music entitled ‘Alterity’. This is a globe-spanning collection that takes in artists from almost every continent in the world, piecing together the story of how shared sounds and ideas connect many seemingly disparate scenes and cultures across the planet.

Fuelled by a desire to dissolve borders and transcend perceived norms to promote the existence of alternate viewpoints, lifestyles and identities.  ‘Alterity’, defined as a state of being “other” or outside convention, aims to push the idea of “radical otherness” and outsider culture to the fore, embracing its vitality for creating, maintaining and enriching society.

‘Alterity’s 15 tracks document a journey to a parallel plane, through amorphous techno wormholes, caverns of industrial beat science and colossal panoramas of glistening hyper-stylised trance. Each creation espouses local sounds and adapting global musical styles to create a singular, holistic map of modern dancefloors: championing their diversity and inclusivity.

Following increasing notoriety and critical acclaim including a spot in Bandcamp’s Electronic Albums of the Year, a Crack mix and performing at Aphex Twin’s Warehouse Project night, Shanghai native 33EMYBW kicks off with a Cronenberg-esque piece of contorted club music, which clambers between mesmeric and truly unnerving.

Multi-instrumentalist Han Han aka GOOOOOSE takes the reins with a polyrhythmic and absorbing soundscape, which builds on his reputation as one of the most prominent rising stars of the Shanghai underground.

After conquering the Amsterdam scene, a highly rated Boiler Room performance, collaborations with Amnesia Scanner and critical praise from Resident Advisor, Dummy and Coeval, radical underground icon LYZZA is a welcome addition to the set, tying in her ethos of inclusivity and safe-space creation with one of the most immediate club-ready tracks in the collection.

SUBREAL label heads Amazondotcom and Siete Catorce combine for a percussion heavy, hyperactive experimental dance cut, which fuses together deep bass, decomposed dubstep and frenetic energy. Amazondotcom aka Stella Ahn is one of the leading lights in LA dance music and has been highly praised by Resident Advisor, Truants, FACT and Boiler Room. Siete Catorce is the alias of Mexican artists Marco Polo Gutierrez, whose Boiler Room and FACT mixes as well as Vice profiles have been vital in raising the profile of new Mexican sounds.

AYA’s ‘DaRE u to sour lips with me’ takes inspiration from a night in Manchester club White Hotel, and also her interest in music with “trans-figurative power of experience and memory on the physical body.” AYA pieces together distinct elements of UK rave into metamorphic idyll of peak time energy.

A cerebral mash of breaks and disrupted synths underpins Hyph11E’s contribution to the release. A formative figure in Shanghai music, Hyph11E is at the forefront of the new generation in Chinese club culture. She has been featured in DJ Mag, Dazed and FACT – also catching the ear of Kode9 and Burial – who included the Tzusing remix of ‘Black Pepper 炎’in their legendary fabric mix.

Continuing the thread of trendsetting names, Iraqi-born and Toronto-based noise disrupter and experimenter E-Saggila aka Rita Mikhael brings her eloquent, brutal and pensive brand of techno and post-industrial sounds, which have garnered a cult status and acclaim from Noisey, FACT, Resident Advisor and Mixmag. It perfectly encapsulates a cathartic new energy and rawness that is being brought to modern dance music as a response to real-world events.

The ambitious world building of ‘Alterity’ is continued on Debit’s ‘Primal Use of Wind’ evoking a relentless, churning Ballardian cityscape eroding to desolate desert wasteland. Mexican-born, New York-based producer Delia Beatriz builds on the warped reggaeton and genre bending sound designs of her 2018 release ‘Animus’.

Core Self envisages a full throttle ride through the engine room of a dimension-shifting craft propelling the journey of ‘Alterity’. Hydraulic bass combines with thunderous, pummelling layered percussion and a highly charged groove. Luis Medeiros better known as DRVGジラ(Drugzilla)‘s typically frosty, brazen and striking sound design adds another scenic vignette to the compilation; a distorted take on traditional trance styles that is blindingly bright and masterfully maintained, hinting at subtle unseen details beneath.

As another of modern Shanghai’s stand out names, Osheyack’s abstractions flip house and hardcore tropes on their head and reimagine the intense euphoria as a bone rattling, full frontal assault that perfectly summarises how the existence of other realities, beliefs and ideas is encapsulated in the realms of dance music. His work has been prominently featured in Crack, Resident Advisor and Ransom Note.

There’s more twisting and contorting of styles from Tunisian DJ, Fever Ray collaborator and rising star producer Deena Abdelwahed; her deep, personal and distinctive journey through the spectrum of global music, techno and experimental music both tells the story of generational non-conformity globally, and the new creative world order taking shape. Deena’s DJ sets have gained her critical acclaim including a ‘Top 10 highlights at Sonar’ review from New York Times.

The collaboration between Lila Tirando a Violeta and Lighght pulls on strands of gabber, post-punk and hardcore techno. The contribution follows on from the Uruguayan artist also known as Camila Dominguez’s versatile and exciting output both as a solo artist and as part of LGBTQIA+ activist duo A.M.I.G.A, who’ve have gained the approval of Bandcamp, Mixmag, DJ, FACT and more. Eamon Ivri otherwise known as Lighght is one of Ireland’s most exciting rising stars and has been picked out by The Guardian and District Magazine.

The Kenyan sensation Slikback carries on this intense energy with a dark slab of gqom-meets-footwork-meets-grime with a chopped vocal hook, which was teased in his recent Resident Advisor mix. The track, once again, elevates its sound beyond the dancefloor to inhabit its own plane entirely. His electrifying releases on SVBKVLT and Hakuna Kulala (Nyege Nyege sub-label) have thrilled Pitchfork, Mixmag, FACT, DJ and The Quietus.

Portuguese artist, theorist, poet and Diskwoman affiliate Odete rounds off the album with a pounding, apocalyptic and tumultuous cut, which is emotionally charged and steeped in mythology. ‘Epilogue For A Banshee Cry’ is designed for the listener to indulge their imagination, which is a major theme of Odete’s recent output, including her latest EP ‘Water Bender’.

The cover art is a manipulated image of a city, it captures an ordinary urban landscape remodelled as a heterotopia – IE a world, which mirrors our own, with more layers of meaning and relationships to other places than immediately meets the eye – much like ‘Alterity’’s innovative geographical boundary transcendence; the image hints at an endless, borderless, macrocosm concealed within.”

1 33EMYBW – ‘Medical Fodder’
2 Gooooose – ‘We’ve All Been There’
3 LYZZA – ‘Rifle’
4 Amazondotcom & Siete Catorce – ‘Absent City’
5 AYA – ‘DaRE u to sour lips with me’
6 Hyph11E – ‘Owl Whispers’
7 E-Saggila – ‘Shd’
8 Debit – ‘Primal Use of Wind’
9 Core Self – ‘Suspiria’
10 DRVGジラ – ‘Funeral Flowers’
11 Osheyack – ‘SAF E’
12 Deena Abdelwahed – ‘Abbrejiyeytar’
13 Lila Tirando a Violeta & Lighght – ‘Ritual For Rusting Metals’
14 Slikback – ‘Shogai’
15 Odete – ‘Epilogue For A Banshee Cry’
Rather like the sound of Houndstooth today….

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