ORGAN THING: A short film of painter Howard Hodgkin and his studio, a glimpse of the artist and of a body of work…


Howard Hodgkin

Now this is a bit of a delicious set of treats and well worth us posting a signpost or two to direct you to it; “In Howard Hodgkin: From London to Hong Kong, we visit the celebrated painter’s London studio. This video provides a glimpse of the artist and of a body of work before it travels to Asia for In the Pink at Gagosian Hong Kong. This short film is narrated by Gagosian director and longtime friend to the artist, Robin Vousden”.

Howard Hodgkin is one of my favourite painters, the way he used paint was something very special, the emotion, the decisions made, the beauty of economy and seemingly a stroke never wasted, a lifetime spent getting to a point. This maybe a link to a post and a rather beautiful short film made in 2017, but that really doesn’t matter, I for one hadn’t seen it before, it crossed by path via the social media feed of an other artist, and I make no apology for posting it today as an Organ Thing of the Day, go view the film here on the Gagosian website. (sw)




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