ORGAN THING: View the Demsky show at StolenSpace virtually…

Organ Thing of the Day: We did recommend the Demsky show at StolenSpace a couple of weeks back, it is still going on, it goes on until August 23rd, the original recommendation is down the page there under the first image. Of you haven’t managed to make it over to Whitechapel yet, or even if you have, you can view the show in a virtual kind of way here – viewing a show virtually isn’t really how an art show should be viewed but hey, needs must and we are still in some kind of confused state of semi lockdown so virtual it well be if it has to be


TVRBVLENCES is a show from Demsky at StolenSpace – StolenSpace is excited to debut new work by Demsky this Summer, in his provocatively abstract solo show, ‘TVRBVLENCES’. Demsky unites nostalgia for the past with the future to create stunningly balanced works, that reference his many influences across the globe and different time periods. Demsky is a Spanish street artist, who first embarked on his creative journey through the 1990’s graffiti boom. He spent the next 20 years developing and experimenting with his painting style around the globe, making reference to his roots in the graffiti scene and his influences from around the world. He uses his childhood love of Japanese mecha and VHS sci-fi movies to create nostalgic work, that is punctuated with futuristic intent through his compositions, and use of colour and form, across many mediums.

‘TVRBVLENCES’ represents a “glitch” of the present moment, a shaking time in our lives. After the Covid 19 lockdown, there is one before and one after world, and so Demsky has evolved to this accordingly. ‘TVRBVLENCES’ means stepping back, putting matters into perspective, as if we were observers of our own planet and looking for relevant moments of change. It’s a new reconfiguration, a journey to the unknown, a path to new feelings… It’s time to push “play”.

The TVRBVLENCES  “opening reception” is on Thursday July 23rd (6 – 9pm), there’s a strict RSVP with numbers allowed in limited so do check the website. The exhibition then runs from 24th July until 23rd August.  .Stolen Space is at 17 Osborn Street, Whitechapel, London, E1 6TD

This was one of our relatively recent favourite shows – ORGAN THING: Timeholes, cold Thursday nights, Seen and Risk at Stolen Space, “probably the best thing I’ve seen in here in ages” she said with a great big excited…



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