ORGAN THING: Crass remixed by Steve Aoki & Mikado Koko for ‘The Feeding of the Five Thousand Remix Project’ raising funds for Refuge…


“As part of their ambitious ‘The Feeding of the Five Thousand Remix Project’, punk pioneers Crass are returning with another exclusive coloured 12” single featuring remixes by legendary producer Steve Aoki and Japanese outsider musician Mikado Koko”.

Remixes and reworkings are the thing this week so i would seem, there is of course only course of action, it is all about flying sideways through time and you’d surely have achieved something remarkable if you managed to remix Roxy and not make all that renting sound as good as it always did.

It is hard not to love the ranting beauty of Banned from the Roxy, We never did get banned from the Roxy, just the Standard (for booking Creaming Jesus), the Barfly several times, the Underworld and best of all ULU for selling “subversive litrature that they hadn’t approved of”, always did detest students back there. We were probably banned from other venues as well, it was something that happened regularly back in the printedzine days, banned from a number of art galleries now but that’s not a story for today. You know what, I think I love Crass more noew then I did back then, always did love them and the questions they threw out..


Here then in a remix of the Crass classic, it goes under the title of “Roxy (Unf*ck the World Steve Aoki Remix)”. Apparently there’s soemthing called The Feeding of the Five Thousand Remix Project being released on OLI – “Remix singles ‘Normal Never Was III’ out August 21st via One Little Independent Records Featuring Steve Aoki and Mikado Koko. All proceeds going to Refuge


The confrontational nihilistic ranting side of Crass was always good, but there was and is a lot lot more than that, they did (an do) know how to press buttons, to throw out the questions, well no, not so muxh questions, to point the fingers. confront things   Here’s a second new remix, a rather impressive Mikado Koko remix of Asylum, not as raw as the original and the monologue is pulled back in to those layers, a fine fine fine remix, delicious layers, new colours painted, still just as powerful, Crass are ageing well

More details on hte release and where you get it all from here

Crass – Asylum (Mikado Koko Remix) from One Little Independent Records on Vimeo.



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