ORGAN PREVIEW: The full artist line up for this Sunday’s Art Car Boot Fair…

Gavin Turk at the Art Car Boot Fair…

Now where were we? Entering the week that leads us to this year’s Art Car Boot Fair somewhere certainly nowhere near Barstow or the edge of any kind of desert nor indeed anywhere the top of Brick Lane when the paint began to take hold, and certainly not sitting in the trunk of a red shark in a yard at King’s Cross people watching bats and sharing art. The home leg of Art Car Boot Fair has been a highlight of the London art calendar for many years now, a link to the now fading legacy of Joshua Compston we invited participating artists look forward to. We’d love to be out engaging at art fairs and galleries and the rest, out viewing art in the flesh, meeting people, looking, talking, dammit, the business of art on line just won’t do. But this is 2020 and the reality of now is we must take it all on line, there is no other realistic option and as tough at it is, art can’t stop.  Art on line won’t do, art on line has to do for now, let’s not dwell on the negatives, there are positives, we’ve seen that ourselves with the very big numbers that have responded and visited the four on-line Cultivate Gallery show that have been hosted on these pages this year, interaction from viewers from over the globe, participating artists from all over the globe, taking the Art Car Boot Fair on to your computer screens might now be ideal, but there are lots of positives, especially if you don’t live within reasonable distance of London of course.

The Art Car Boot Fair happens on line this year then, it happens this Sunday September 20th, if we understand things right Art Car Boot Fair members get priority entry to this (and all other events during a twelve month period), member are allowed in first for a first pick of the art at midday, a £5 day pass gets you in a 2.30pm and we’re told that from 5.30pm until 6.30pm you can get in for free, membership details and everything else can be found on the official website.  We;re told to expect all kinds of things –

“Packed with all the Art Car Boot Fair favourites including Gavin Turk, Polly Morgan, Pam Hogg, Marcus Harvey, Pure Evil, Kristjana S Williams, Sara Pope & Mat Collishaw and welcoming a host of exciting new artists into our line-up including Helen Beard, Rankin, Noel Fielding (yes, from the Mighty Boosh & Bake-off) Claire Partington, Hayden Kays, Charlotte MacMillian and Robert Cooper.  Their virtual boots will be overflowing with paintings, sculptures, photographic & print editions, ceramics, collages, drawings and all manner of weird and wonderful artworks and wares, short films to watch and live Zoom interactions with the artists direct to their studios. PLUS! Our fabulous Programme of the Day – more details on that and all the interactive delights of the day coming soon” So we’re told

The full line up looks like this



Check out the Art Car Boot Fair Instagram for a constant feed of the art you can expect.

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