ORGAN PREVIEW: Art Car Boot Fair founder Karen Ashton will be live with the low down via an Instagram broadcast on Thursday…

ART CAR BOOT FAIR, Kings Cross, London, June 2019 -Paul Sakoilsky


Who knows what painter and performer Paul Sakoilsky is going to be doing at the Art Car Boot Fair, who knows what anyone will be doing? Do we know what w’re doing? Welll be coming at you live from the Organ bunker that will double as my virtual car boot, enough of me though, enough already. What we do know is thae Art Car boof Fair is about a lots more beside buying art, We;re here to mark your cards or you calendars, to tell you to set your controls, twist your dials, get tuned in…

Art Car Boot Fair’s founder Karen Ashton will be coming to a screen near you this Thursday, 17th September at 12pm, via Instagram Live to discuss this year’s ACBF virtual extravaganza. Karen will be broadcasting from Sara Pope’s studio talking about the challenges and opportunities of moving the fair online, as well as giving an overview of our stellar artist line-up. She’ll also be answering questions from viewers, so whether you’re dying to know just what is in store on the Viral ACBF’s Programme of the Day, or top tips for grabbing yourself an art bargain, or what other exciting events ACBF currently have in the works for 2021, now is your chance to ask. She will also be going live with Darrio Illari, founder of Jealous Gallery, to get his insight on what he will be exhibiting at the fair and what he is most excited for..

Art Car Boot Fair on Instagram

Art Car Boot Fair website

ART CAR BOOT FAIR, Kings Cross, London, June 2019 – Pure Evil at work

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