ORGAN: Five musical things – Will Oldham messing with AC/DC, Barmy FiveSeveN’s gorgeous Wireless, Brooklyn’s Horse Torso, More Than Shadows, The admirable Admiral Grey, Joey Frevola and friends take a Dive…

Where is the ketchup? Where are the beans? Where have we been? None of your damn business, we never ask you where you might have been, you just come here wanting five more slices of this or that without a word of helloness or anythingelseness. Ketchup? Fox Alpha something or other and oh look, heartbeats, they were racing, oh look, these five things were gathered together weeks ago before the black dog came to tea and the steam ran out and well, lets see what can be salvaged from the wreckage and the fallout. Five (relatively) new musical things that have come our way that we feel like sending your way, really up to you to what you do with all this. Five musical things to explore, five things in no particular order

1: More refired re-issued sideservings of Skingraft AC/DC flavoured things –  There were more of those re-issues and re-servings of those Skingraft Sides and things a fw weeks back, old news already now but what the hell, they were glorious when they first came out back in the last century, was it the last century? It was ages ago, don’t ask me, they’re just been served up once again, that’s all that really matters. We told you of the first re-serving and Jailbreak and Shellac and such a few weeks back</a> (probably a few months back now), here’s the second and third helping of Anti Christ Devil Child goodness. We do like it when Yowie take in the ‘DC (always detested people who shortened the name to ‘dc, it always irritated, it isn’t clever, not like the perefectly reasonable refering to Blue Oyster Cult as the Cult, or talking of The ‘Smiths. Whatever happened to Pre anyway? Only Skingraft could do all this, who the hell else would release a recording of Will Oldham covering Big Balls in such a glorious way?  I lent my copy of Dirty Deads to a this girl once back in my school days, her mother went ape about that particular song, reported me to the headmaster (I could have made some wisecrack about having trouble with my highschool head just then but we didn’t have high schools, just crappy secondary comrehensives alive with bad attitudes and lots of musical tribes). Here’s those Skingraft things, get hold of them yourselves via the Skingraft Bandcamp page.



.Ah hell, here’s the first one again, this is the best one…


2:  Barmy FiveSeveN – And then there’s this rather beautiful version of a rather special thing, it dates from a performance in 2018, “The second clip from Barmy FiveSeveN’s concert at the Gaudeamus Muziekweek, Tivoli Vredenburg (Utrecht – 08/09/2018). Composition by Dr. Tim Smith of Cardiacs to whom our loyalty is relentless.”


And then there’s also this, “A piece composed by Dr. Tim Smith of Cardiacs a.d. 1983, as performed by his loyal fans Barmy FiveSeveN at the Gaudeamus Muziekweek in Tivoli Vredenburg, 8th of September 2018. Retrieved as a piece of sheet music from a cardoard box, transcribed and arranged by Jos Zwaanenburg”.


3: More Than Shadows is, so it seems, a first solo release from David Leverno, he of various alternative underground London-based rock bands that he may or may not want to tell you about if you go an ask him. This is the first fruits of a solo project, in true ‘Smiths style, we’ll let the music do the talking – More Than Shadows is a tense kind of pipedream and you see that’s the beautiful thing, you don’t need us reviewing things anymore, that was the last century, this century you just need the link, and this time the link takes you to a Bandcamp page where you can go find out more without opinions being pushed at you, just let it play out, let it slowly build, sounds like an early hours of the morning thing to these ears and as we’re 43 minutes into Thursday morning right now this is sounding rather fine to me…..



3.5: Admiral Grey – Now we should have mentioned this ages ago as well, did we already? She is often mentioned around these fractured parts, The admirable Admiral Grey of Cellular Chaos has been working on this solo album for a long time… explore it all here via her Bandcamp


4: Horse Torso –  Brooklyn, New York band  Horse Torso did say something, admittedly weeks ago now, about their then new track “JerrySpringerSpanielDayLewis” being available on Bandcamp, and their second full length album “Mikropianist” being available sometimes soon, the soon has been and gone now of course, the album is out, the album is kind of manic, kind of frantic, kind of like lots of insects running over your face. Horse Torso are a self confessed instrumental noise/math rock band founded by veteran New York rock/jazz drummer Danny Sher and featuring Baroness bassist Nick Jost with guitarists Dustin Carlson and Andrew Smiley. Their afore-mentioned second full length LP “Mikropianist” was actually released back on August 21st – so we’re a month late! What ya gonna do?



5:  Now here’s a band who don’t even appear to have a name, it appears to mostly be someone called Joey Frevola and we do like this, we do, we do we do, it appeared on line a few days after the Leader of the Starry Skies departed, “Rest easy, Tim” they said. We’ve had it hear waiting until we got back to it..


They all deserve credit: Cinematography – Søren Odom, Vocals – Adam Warne, Dragon Drawer – Pinchie, Saxophone Mimer – Dustin Texas. Everything Elser – Joey Frevola, and here’s another

Which kind of took us to this. “This album begins a story I’ve had rattling around in my head for about 6 years now. I can’t promise that it ends said story. Enter on one man wandering around a completely barren cityscape. Why is he in particular is the only one around? What happened to everyone else who lived there? Well, that’s something you’ll have to discover for yourself”, More Joey via his Bandcamp


And that’s about the long and short of it, a gathering of things that have been kicking around here that we probably should have covered before now, hey don’t be pecking at us, we’ve done more then our fair share of dancing around architecture and supporting musicians and artists and the rest…. More tomorrow (Maybe? Who knows)



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