ORGAN THING: Aida Wilde strikes again, “Daddy I want to paint a lousy mural in Shoreditch…”

It did seem like there was maybe some kind of need to add a little more coverage in terms of the current London Mural Festival after the post on these fractured pages the other day, there was an opportunity to watch three white middle age blokes paint three pieces on the front of the building here in Hackney the other day as part of said festival, two rather unexciting pieces of who knows what or why and one piece, a Jimmy C piece, that did at least make some attempt to connect with the Hackney community and show some awareness of where he was actually painting. Elsewhere there are pieces imposed that mostly seem to tie in with a new gallery exhibition or a new print release, “come see my new mural, you find it a short work away from the gallery where I have a new show on right now” read one of several press release invites a few days back. . Is there a need to write something more about the festival or shall we just post this (stolen) photo of Aida Wilde’s latest rather inspired Shoreditch piece, an excellence slice of commentary…

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