ORGAN THING: ‘Holding Hands’ is a new piece of public work from the artist known as Stik…

Organ Thing of The Day:  ‘Holding Hands’ is a new piece of public work from the artist known as Stik, the piece was finally unveiled earlier this week over in Hoxton Square, East London (scene of Joshua Compston’s infamous Fete Worse Than Death of course). Stik has been talking about this piece for ages (and ages), we were starting to think it was never going to actually happen and then, without too much fanfare, there they were holding hands in the last of the late Summer in the square, four metres high (or twelve foot if you prefer), two patinated bronze Stik figures


“Holding Hands depicts two figures facing in opposite directions yet holding hands in a sign of universal love and solidarity. Traditionally cast in patinated bronze, the sculpture is roughly twice human height, the hands low enough to for the viewer to reach, the feet planted firmly on the ground, legs forming a doorway the viewer may pass through. One figure walks determinedly westwards towards the city centre the other moves gracefully to the east, eyes turned to the treetops. The composition has been constructed in such a way that at first one figure appears to lead, then the other, depending on where the viewer is standing in relation to the sculpture. It is a subtle reminder of what it is to look at the world from other people’s perspectives as relevant today as it will be in 100 years. The ‘Holding Hands’ sculpture is being installed at a poignant time in our history when holding hands is not always possible but is a symbol of hope for what has always been and what will be again. The sculpture is intended as a timeless and inclusive meeting place for all regardless of race, sexuality, gender, faith, or social status”. – STIK, September 2020

Hoxton Square
N1 6NU

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