Organ: Frieze week, it wasn’t me, it was you…

Frieze 2020

I don’t know, Frieze week, all on-line, I couldn’t get that excited about it, I tries a number of times from the my studio here in East London, it doesn’t work for me like on-line show put together by artists themselves, by the small galleries that are fighting for survival, I can’t connect with that world, It never really feels that connected when you go to the rather aloof and unfriendly real thing but you do at least get to see some exciting work in the real actual flesh, standing in that room of yellow Sterling Ruby paintings the Gagosian presented with such style last year, seeing (and properly sensing the scale of) Joyce Pensato’s giant Mickey for real, I can’t connect with any of that on line, the on-line version of Frieze exposes more than ever everything that is wrong with whole travelling circus.  And what the hell is that positive Impact hashtag all about? I guess not moving millions of paintings around the globe this year has some kind of positive impact? Na, I can’t connect with any of these over-slick videos, with any of these very well dressed people, with any of this very polite art and sanitised presentation, none of it means anything to me,  not that Victoria or indeed any of the high-end gallery give a fig about what I might think. I don’t know, I;ve been back several times now, I’ve tried, I tried ot make sure it wasn’t me, I ttied.. Thankfully the Art Car Boot Fait lasted a whole week rater than just a day…. (sw)


Frieze London, 2019, Sterling Ruby, (Gagosian)

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