ORGAN: Five vital musical things – Leyden Jars, Mange Ferraille, new Clipping, Bristol’s Lice, sound artist Saele Valese and…

We could do it again, we could, glorious typing, warts and all, we should do it again, I do remember that time a band said thank you, so we should do it again, it was a Tuesday in 1997, besides when they’re coming back with the next release, then they’re all thank you and and Hi Mike, I really love this Organ thing, I read it every day, I’ve got a new album and so time for you to drop everything and do it again and you owe us a living, ‘course you do, ‘course you do. “Hey, we sent you a link to our new album last Tuesday, why haven’t you reviewed it yet?!”. Five more musical things that have come our way, five picked out for the hundreds of links and press releases from wreckord labels who never say thanks when you do cover something and never ever dream of sharing the link. Five slightly vital musical things that grabbed our attention more than most of the music that did come this way this week. music almost good enough to distract us from those old Grand Prix videos on YouTube, what an excellent band they were. Hey, band camp Friday coming up again, we shall explect 439 e.mails an hour from bands or labels telling us how much they need our support

Five musical things to exlore, five in no particular order

1: Leyden Jars – ‘London Gone’ is taken from ‘Gone’, the new album by London based duo Natalie Williams & Mark Courtney aka Leyden Jars, a work of fragmented musicality, electro-acoustic emission, disembodied dub, radiophonic interference, and revelatory DIY poetics”.

“With ‘Gone’, Leyden Jars exert an irrefutable pull, drawing the listener into a vertiginous record of drift and disorientation, a teeming portrait of absence”. Once again Bandcamp is our chosen place in terms of where to send you to find out more about the album and whetever else you need to know

2: Mange Ferraille – ” Erba Spontanea is an adventitious plant, a wild, almost hallucinogenic herb” so reads the information the Bandcamp page that will feed you the music and the information you need about Erba Spontanea, the new album from Mange Ferraille

“The four acts of this 40-minute play are an experience for the body and the senses. In the rumbling of the organ, the clawing of the two guitars and the tireless hammering of the drums, Mange Ferraile explores intimate territory, digs into the soil of the senses to expose emotion. The exploration of rhythm and sound incorporates repetitive rock, tribal percussion, the Indonesian gamelan, electronic and even psychedelic music to create an intense and hypnotic universe.

We are invited to experience music that has been honed down, set on a compass heading to navigate surface and substance, rocked like a ship blown and beaten between the cosmos and the machine.

From the start we are launched into an orbital sine wave. We whirl from a roller coaster to the wheels of a locomotive ; we swing on a trapeze hung from power lines. We flow from one pole of the battery to the other, in the psychotropic vapors of this erba spontanea, the flower of electro magnectic fields. We speed up, slow down, start again, carried on the waves of a distorted space-time continuum. And in the thundering chaos, the voice, blunt as a club, prods perception as the ground crumbles underfoot…and the circuit breaks”.

Now I could write a review of Mange Ferraille’s album, but hey, you have the information, you have the Bandcamp bit jsut down there, you know that id it has been posted here the nwe thin kit worth your times and maybe some of your emotion. Covering music is a thankless task these days, I could tight yet another album or I could go paint another piece of fruit. Here’s the album…



3: Clipping – New Clipping, things have gone slightly epic – “Enlacing” and “‘Pain Everyday” by Clipping from their album Visions of Bodies Being Burned (Release Date: 10/23/2020 ). More here, meanwhile the whole album is down there underneath the video

The whole damn thing, the candlesticks in the dark and the visions of bodies being burned is there, right there, on the Bandcamp page, the whole this sounds epic, Captain Ahab would be proud. “n the horror genre, sequels are perfunctory. As the insufferable film bro Randy explains in Scream 2, “There are certain rules that one must abide by in order to create a successful sequel. Number one: the body count is always bigger. Number two: the death scenes are always much more elaborate—more blood, more gore. Carnage candy. And number three: never, ever, under any circumstances, assume the killer is dead.” Last Halloween, Los Angeles experimental rap mainstays Clipping ended their three-year silence with the horrorcore-inspired album There Existed an Addiction to Blood. This October, rapper Daveed Diggs, and producers Jonathan Snipes and William Hutson return with an even higher body count, more elaborate kills, and monsters that just won’t stay dead… more on on the Bandcamp page…


4: Lice -There’s been quite a few bands called Lice, quite few called Mice as well, this Lice are Bristol band Lice and this Lice have just announced their debut album Wasteland: What Ails Our People Is Clear – they announced it by releasing a new single called “R.D.C”, and apparently by publishing the album’s pamphlet (lyrics/story) and revealing the hand-built noise instrument (Intonarumori) used across it. They also announced the creation of their own label Settled Law Records, a label set up with the intention of “releasing new experimental artists”.

The album is said to be “a ‘satire about satire’, WASTELAND is a concept album written as a piece of experimental short fiction: a wild Burroughsian cat-and-mouse adventure, melding science-fiction and magical realism to call for a revolution in satirical music. Arguing that by unsettling the conventional forms of the song lyric, politicised music can step beyond ‘good versus evil’ narratives to promote more nuanced popular discourse around the implicit forms of bias and iniquity that ail us, everything in WASTELAND is always changing. Set in a savage, liminal space populated by shape-shifters, time-travellers, talking genitalia and ectoplasmic spectres, the characters’ moral transformations are paired with typographical transformations: the prose text warping into cut-ups, soliloquies and even plays. Created over two years, the album draws from Lice’s rise in ‘the punk world’ (sharing stages with Idles, Shame, The Fall, Fat White Family, Girl Band etc.) and eventual disillusionment with the limits of its prevailing  ideas”.


5: Saele Valese – Self-proclaimed sound artist and producer Saele Valese has a forthcoming debut album, ‘IVIC’ on the way via the Noton label, there’s a rather rewarding video made by Markus Heckmann Apparently “the work shown here resolves on a principle of uncertainty, asserting dynamic and connective approaches to creative production. Through the character of the live album format, IVIC’s 11 tracks were mixed and recorded live on DAT cassettes and through DAW experimentation, without the possibility to revise the final recordings. The result points to contingencies of creation by acknowledging the possibility that iterative and improvisatory practices may never be exactly replicated. The track titles cite the works of American photographer Francesca Woodman and poet Sylvia Plath” – I just thought it was kind of enjoyable, especailly in terms of the way it works with the video…

More of this tomorrow or maybe next week, or maybe not, Maybe? Or maybe we’ll just carry on watching old Grand prix videos, what a band they were, proper bass plsying, serious cross arm keyboard action..


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