ORGAN THING: LA’s Cuffed Up with a timely cover of a song by legendary Detroit proto-punk band Death…

Cuffed Up

LA band Cuffed Up have been demanding attention since their debut double A-side ‘Small Town Kid’ and ‘Mother/Father’ was released at the end of 2019. The band amassed waves of critical acclaim as a then unsigned act. Today they have announced a physical release for their debut self-titled EP on their new label Hassle Records, out 12th February 2021, and shared a riotous cover of ‘Politicians in my Eyes’, originally by iconic punk band Death. Proceeds from the single will be donated to the Detroit Justice Centre, based in Death’s hometown of Detroit.

The band who have been drawing comparisons with Sonic Youth and The Pixies, as well as modern day post-punk, have released the track at a time when tensions are high and more than ever, there is a need for outspoken art.

“At the time it was released, “Politicians in my Eyes” was a challenge to the government in place who were sending young racially diverse kids into a war they never wanted” said the band. “We covered the song because it runs parallel with our disgust and mistrust of everything the current government administration has done and stands for.

“We love our country and the powers that be are making morally corrupt decisions that we are adamantly against. These were the same feelings that the members of DEATH felt so strongly against when their administration were forcing themselves into the Vietnam war. This is why we chose to cover this song and bring it to the forefront once again as we wade through a tumultuous but pivotal time in the US.”

Cuffed Up was formed through a chance encounter at a party where Sapphire Jewell and Ralph Torrefranca first met, connecting over their love for the UK punk scene. A few months later, they were joined by Joe Liptock and Vic Ordonez and Cuffed Up was born. Their debut self-titled EP will see a 12” vinyl release early next year, which includes single ‘French Exit’. Vocalist Sapphire Jewell’s anxious stream of subconsciousness rolls across the top of a cascade of guitars on the moody alt-indie track, whilst elsewhere on the EP ‘Small Town Kid’ sees Ralph Torrefranca take the lead in an unruly torrent of explosive post-punk. The exciting quartet’s energy is raw and palpable across the EP’s four tracks, and with the rapid momentum they are seeing after its digital release earlier this year, it’s clear that 2021 is theirs for the taking”.

More details of the Cuffed UP release here via their Bandcamp page


A cover of a Death song then, and as we said up there already, this particular Death are the Detroit proto punk band from back there way before the Ramones, from back there somewhere im 1973. These days Death have a website, for way too long they were kind of forgotten, check out the trailer for a film that happened five or six years ago, the trailer will tell you the basics of the story…


And here’s the whole thing….

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