ORGAN THING: A premiere of one of those videos progressive post-rock composer Caleb Dolister has been making with artist Ellie Moonan…

“If you like the post-genre music of Cinematic Orchestra, Electric Masada, Jaga Jazzist, Mike Oldfield, Steve Tibbetts, and Tortoise watch out for Daily Thumbprint Collection 3, The Wandering an album of new progressive post-rock instrumental music by composer / drummer Caleb Dolister (The Kandinsky Effect, DR. MiNT).”

The rather recommended album Daily Thumbprint Collection 3, The Wandering came out back in June of this year, we already featured it on these pages, it came out on the Orenda label, the details can be gathered from the label’s Bandcamp pageDaily Thumbprint really is a flowing set of progressive treats, there’s an emotion rush to it all, a delicious flow, something you really don’t expect from a busy instrumental set of constructions. It does taste of things like Mike Oldfield, it does taste of those days, in a very forward looking way though, definitly adding something of his own, something rather special, The Formalist indeed, beautiful, an album that demands you explore it

Since the album emerged earlier this Summer Caleb has been creating a series of videos, featuring songs from the album with animation done for them by artist Ellie Moonan, and here today, is an exclusive premiere, soemthing we don’t often do, here today, we have one of those videos

“The Wandering is my newest solo-release. It features a large ensemble musical lineup, recorded and produced over the span of a decade. It is available through Orenda Records. Visit for more information”


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