ORGAN THING: Iggy Pop covering the Modern Lovers, do we need a reason?

Organ Thing of The Day – Here’s footage of Iggy Pop covering the Modern Lovers on Skydog TV a handful of years back. Skydog, now there’s a name and a label from obscure Motorhead vinyl hunting days. And why is this here today? Well do we really need a reason?


Well do we really need a reason? We don’t but the video is part of a DVD that comes with a Skydog release, a box set of something like four-million albums and bits of things things. Okay, eight, an eight-disc box set – seven CDs and a DVD – all of the Skydog label’s Iggy and the Stooges releases all together in one box. Rhe set includes the infamous ‘Metallic KO’ ‘Stooges last live show’ issued in ‘76, plus the two full source shows.  Rare studio and live collections ‘We Are Not Talking About Commercial Sh!t’ and ‘Wake Up, Suckers!’.  A DVD of unique Iggy ‘Acoustics KO’ performances together with a studio ‘Acoustics KO’ CD.  The 2003 Stooges reunion live album ‘Telluric Chaos’ recorded in Japan.  Plus, additional EP tracks, together with a 48-page booklet and detailed notes by Iggy Pop biographer, Paul Trynka. Mailnly though it was jsut an excuse to post the video of Iggy covering a Modern Lovers classic in such a stylish way.

More details via Jungle Records


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