ORGAN: Five Music things – Chromb live this Saturday, Sturle Dagsland, More Womxn, Thisquietarmy and Voivod’s Away, Moscow punk trio Jars, new KRS-One…

Well we could do that five musical things thing yet again, five things that have caught ears in recent days, five musical things plucked from the overflowing in box? We could do it again? Five slices of music that have come our way in recent days. it is all very simple, five things in no particular order, five sets off links for you to do whatever you want with. What is want with? What’s wordsworth?

Sturle Dagsland

1: Chromb! It really doesn’t matter that this is old Chromb, it doesn’t matter because these Chromb treats are parked here as a reminder that they are pewrdoming live on line and in yuor living room this Saturday. This Saturday being Saturday December 12th, the time is 6.30pm (French time). They’re broadcasting via Facebook, here’s the details and here’s the Chromb Facebook page

Previously on these pages ORGAN THING: Kayo Dot’s Toby Driver is on the way over here, Chromb release a taste of their next magnificent epic…


2: Sturle DagslandWaif is the third single from Sturle Dagsland’s long awaited debut album that will be released on February 5, 2021. Updates via the Bandcamp page. I imagine we’ll say more in the new year…


“Sturle Dagsland is a highly acclaimed genre-bending artist from Norway. His long awaited debut album will be released on February 5, 2021. With a wild and unique performance he captivates the audience and takes the listeners on an adventurous, surreal and beautiful journey. Together with his brother Sjur they tour frequently at festivals all across the world, from Shanghai to New York”.   l

3: Jars – Always a little concerning when you don’t know what they’re singing or shouting about but hey let’s start off from a position of trust and hope there is nothing but good in what they’re shouting about. DO like the bounce, they do sound like a band who should be on a label called Pogo.  “On their third full-length album Jars turn away from straight-forward politicised punk rock of “Подлог” (Forgery) EP to more complicated sound and personal lyrics, keeping their recognisable anger and loudness. Since the latest release and a month-long tour from Russia to Portugal and back….” read on via their Bandcamp page. Apparently the Moscow-based trio “tell stories about a life of a “small man”, who’s aspiring his dreams despite the amount of consumed substances and daily routine”. Got to like that 90’s flavoured AmRep influenced sound – they cite the Amphetamine Reptile sound themselves  


“Formed in 2011, Jars have released 3 albums and 2 EPs, played in the cities from Lisbon on the west to Ulaanbaatar and Vladivostok on the east and shared stage with such acts as Melt Banana, Iceage, The Garden, ’68, The Wytches, Raketkanon and many more. The band’s frontman, Anton, was also one of the organizers of Moscow’s Troyka fest, a short documentary about which was published on the Pitchfork website”

4: Thisquietarmy x Away – A collaboration featuring yer man from Voivod – “2020 is not done yet! Here’s a teaser video of the first (!) collaborative LP album with Michel “Away” Langevin from Voivod – we’ve been working very hard through these uncertain times to have it released by the end of this year. Stay tuned for more details & glimmers of hope by following P572 & our Bandcamp page” – The album just came out, December 4th.


Here comes the whole thing via their Bandcamp

“The first collaborative sci-fi drone metal album from Thisquietarmy (Eric Quach) and Michel « Away » Langevin of Voïvod. The two world travellers secretly recorded hours of music together, and this is only phase one. 500 copies pressed on neon blue vinyl. Heavyweight 24pt flip side jacket with printed inner sleeve and mysterious spot matte varnish. Comes with an Away glow-in-the-dark silkscreen art print and a postcard

We’ve been fans of these two musicians/artists/road warriors for years, collecting their records and following their respective crusades. So, it’s with honour and delight that we’ve finally found the right time and project to collaborate on. Out of this world music for a truly strange year. Powerful slow-build metal over blissful sonic-drone-dreamscapes, summoning images of the future. The only official release of the year for P572, it’s a reminder that no matter how bizarre things get, there’s always important music to hear. You can listen to your vinyl in the dark and see the artwork glow by your side”.


5: More Womxn – Missed MWxIWD when it originally came out (for International Women’s Day) back in March, good music doesn’t coem with a sell-by date though and there’s some excellent music on this rather fine twenty track compilation. And as wrong as it would be to pick pieces out whe nthe whole thing works beautifully as a whole, do check out that beautiful Luki track and don’t let what you hear at the start, as fine as what you hear at the start from Loula Yorke is is, into thinking that first track is the only dimension. This an album alive with depth and dimension, alive with digital goodness, othsnic warmth, with electricity, with treasure, from Bodyvice to the Bedroom Witch and beyond, this is an excellent album beautifully curated. Check it out on Bandcamp, do listen to it all though, let the whole thing flow, you will be richly rewarded. And do follow Katie Callin and Hannah Hogan via their monthly Resonance 104.4FM show that celebrates “left-field, experimental & alternative music made by womxn”


And while we’re here, “UH OH!!! Brand new from the BLASTMASTER KRS-One….” So said Chuck D.

“Don’t Fall For It” By KRS-One From His 23rd Album “Between Da Protests” Dropping December 21st, 2020.


More of this later, maybe, if you want it.

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