ORGAN: Five Music things – Loula York, Semitonal, Merry Christmas are a delight, more Le Grande Sbam, of1000faces, oh and Falling Nine covering The Sweet…

The trouble with Idles is all the other bands who want little more than to sound like Idles (or should we say want to sound like those Sleaford Mods? Nah, Idles do it their own way, both are rather fine, both have things ot say, the Mods have got a little bitter about it recently), the trouble is there’s a record label frenzy on right now, “sign me an Idles, we need an Idles!” We’re listening to the debut album from Sub Pop’s version, it comes out in February, TV Priest, we’re hearing bus loads of them now, smashing X boxes and commenting on the decoration while they munch on the irony of a packet of Quavers (and I’ve never seen a dog do what that dog does). like the damn Brit Pop days all over a again. Some of them are very good at it, TV Priest do it well enough but really? I’ve told you the story of the London Records A&R man during the “sign me an all girl rock band” frenzy back in the 90’s and the time of Hole and Babes in Toyland and such, “Hey Sean, you know about these things, we really need an all girl rock band on the label” said A&R man, “but you already have one” I replied, they’re already there on the US branch of your label, they’re called L7″, “Oh”” he said, “I kept seeing that, I thought that was just a catalogue number or some accounting thing”, Atom Seed were on London at the time so they treated me as some kind of unpaid consultant, it was rather amusing at times, it was very annoying at times. So right now we have a “sign me an Idles” freeny going on from what’s left on the music industry. On it goes I always thought that film Kill Your Friends was a rather accurate documentary piece.

Five more musical things then, five (or so) things that have caught ears in recent days, five musical things plucked from the overflowing in box or the feeds. Five slices of music that have come our way in recent days. it is all very simple, five things in no particular order, five sets of links for you to do whatever you want with. Five things we think worth your time…

1: Merry Christmas are a delight, they’re just what we all need right now, they’re brightly uplifting, they have an innocent tingle to them, a clever simplicity. They’re partly from Tokyo and partly from London (we haven’t got to the bottom of it all yet), it would be lazy to called them Twee Core and it would be right to mention the math rock elelment and the beautiful textures that bring their delightful songs to life in such a gloriously uplifting beauitufullt crafted way. Such a possitive sound, wonderfully arranged, no idea why they should be called Merry Christmas but it does seem fitting to post news of their latest album here this week (even if the album did come out back in August). Watch this space, more soon I expect. Explore them via their Bandcamp page



2: Loula York – “During October 2020 Loula Yorke got to work in her studio developing sonic ideas she’s recently been performing live, most notably for Ipswich Sound City and TUSK Festival. The result is a 4-track EP, ‘Crowd Control Vol 2’: a meditation on human contact set against the hustle and bustle of crowded spaces sourced from around the world. Tracks contain layers of barely intelligible words that seem to become song in the process; bursts of sculpted white noise clash with bursts of sculpted crowd noise; synthesised melodies range from saccharine to jaunty, melancholy to powerful…. The EP came out in early December, here’s the Bandcamp


Semitonal – Doors

3: Semitonal – “Bass-driven, hypnotic, instrumental music with attitude. Semitone changes hover above live grooves and glitches. Massive Attack collides with Mogwai and Erik Satie” but you don’t need words, the Bandcamp thing is right there and Semitonal colour palette is rather rewarding…


4: Le Grande Sbam – Episode nine, Qu’est-ce que Le Grande Sbam? Une transfiguration linguistique. Another in the series of films that have been made to accompany the glorious new album from Lyon’s Le Grande Sbam. The Organ review of what is easily one of the album of the year is here along with all the detaild you need ot get your hands and ears around a copy.


5: of1000faces – We have here a rather fine animated video for the title track of the new of1000faces album, a video created by film director Patrick Buhr. The album is released today, December 16th. of1000faces is the solo project of Matt Walker, “a renowned drummer and producer who has toured and recorded with Morrissey, Smashing Pumpkins, Garbage and Filter, all the while dedicating himself to myriad side projects, independent bands and film/TV work. Known for his obsessive writing and recording while on tour, Walker eventually decided to pursue a more singular and personal endeavour. Thus was born of1000faces, the moniker reflecting the project’s inherent premise and, at the same time, a nod to Joseph Campbell’s ‘Hero of 1000 faces’.”


“The Infinity Line is an eclectic instrumental album with ambient DNA, but is far less passive than its predecessor. The dynamic scope has been widened and the general mood is darker and more evocative. “Strangely, I have no memory of the title track’s inception. What followed were many lost hours in its polyrhythmic maze, searching for the right synthesis of mallets, strings and electronics. All lending to that feeling of running in a dream state, without a beginning or end,” says Matt Walker”. More via Bandcamp


6: And just because sometimes you need some well crafted glam flavoured pop rock and a cover of a Sweet song from 1974, sometimes you just need a smile. No idea who Falling Nine are besides the fact that they’re from Cardiff. Here’s their Bandcamp

Sweet cover

You can never have too much Sweet


I expect there will be more of this kind ofthing in a day or two…

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