ORGAN THING: A Holiday mix from People Like us via the good people of Cafe Oto, oh and the traditional Van Der Graaf piece for this time of the year…

Okay, we’re in the Holiday period, we can’t avoid it, we might just pop up here now and again and post a bit of this or that so you don’t have to turn to that Phil Spector Christmas album too much

There’s a free Cafe Oto download holidays mix that might help you get through everything, a People Like Us thing full of all kinds of earworms and “is that thingy?” questions, here it is. Do go to the Cafe Oto page to find it, we won’t poSt it here, we’ll send you there, all part of the customer service so fasten your seat belts, it is worth it, it really is is, brilliant!

And we d olike to post this most years at this time of year….

And let’s just park this here as well, translated lyrics and all, some new year inspiration maybe?


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