ORGAN THING: Cuneiform’s albums of the year sampler, Cheer Accident, Thinking Plague, Birdsongs Of The Mesozoic, Anthony Pirog and more, and all for whatever you wish to pay…

Organ Thing of The Day: Now look, this album is worth every single penny you have just for for that brilliant first track, that perfect piece of pop from Chicago’s Cheer Accident. listen to that first song and tell us it isn’t just about perfect. A label sampler. Actually, that reminds us we necer did do one of those albums of 2020 lists at the end of last year. Frankly with everything that was going on at the end of the year we didn’t feel like it, I guess we should do, I don’t think anytthng we heard bettered that 2020 Cheer Accident album, we’ll do it later. Meanwhile, the Cuneiform sampler.

Label samplers, don’t you love ’em, back in the day label samplers were vital things, that brilliant Stiff compliation album Heroes and Cowards where The Adverts bumped into Motorhead, Wreckless Eric and the mightly Alberto Y Lost Trios Paranoias, that excellent Age of Atlantic album with the plasterscene Zeppelin on the front, (dare we argue for the ORG sampler from a few years back, the one with Cardiacs, Sea Nymphs, Angel Cage, Map and loads more on it, you can still get that one here).

Cuneiform, alongside a very few others right now – SkinGraft, Deathbomb Arc, Dur et Doux, are one of those labels that demand you checkout everything they do, they’re one of the few labels you can really seriously trust, one of those labels who back in the day if it had their logo on it you’d just buy it without knowing what it was. This round up sampler brings together some of their 2020 album releases brings tother their love of properly progressive prog rock, of jazz adventure and all points inbetween the two. You’ve got Cheer Accident at their popier (hell, just get the album, that 20th album is a prog as it gets, we’re talking the Lamb swimming in a topographic ocean good!), you’ve got Thinking Plague, you’ve got lots more – Birdsongs Of The Mesozoic, Anthony Pirog, you’ve lots of people, bands and such that have been covered on these pages or played on the Other Rock Show in 2020 and you can get the adownload of the lbum at a name your own price. Hey look, you can get a slice of Schnellertollermeier for nothing much, what the hell are you waiting for?

“This special “Name Your Price” compilation album features over an hour of creative and fun music throughout the course of 12 tracks all of which was released by Cuneiform Records in 2020. Sampler album were great things back in the day, label compilations. We invite you to listen to Cuneiform Records: The Albums of 2020 and explore the wide spectrum of music we recently released over the year. Each track by each artist is unique; we invite you to sample all. And then, if you’ve not already done so, we encourage you to listen the full albums by the artists who most appeal to you”. Get the album here


Or just cut to the chase, this surely was te album of 2020?


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