ORGAN THING – Liv Fontaine’s rather punked up “Hurt Agony Pain Love It” opens on-line via Richard Saltoun Gallery…

Now this looks (and sounds) rather rewarding, it looks (and sounds) rather exciting, challenging, it looks (and sounds) like fun – the sound pieces, the video and the slightly crazed (slightly disturbing?) attention-demanding punk rock drawings, it all looks and sounds exciting. There’s an attitude that comes with Liv FONTAINE‘s work, with her video pieces, with her sound, her performance, with her mind that is laid out there on those pieces of paper. The Richard Saltoun Gallery have just let loose an on-line show of Liv Fontaine’s drawings, sound and vido art…

Liv FONTAINE Happiness Is Coming, 2019 – Pen and pencil on paper 21 x 29.7 cm

“As part of our extended Women 2.1 virtual series of exhibitions spotlighting female artists, this online presentation showcases British artist Liv FONTAINE. Curated by Róisín McQueirns, the exhibition features new drawings and a video performance.

Exploring sex, relationships and politics, her live performances are excruciatingly funny: filled with heartbreak, devastation and charm. After developing an autoimmune disease in 2018, which left her unable to perform for many months, she sought to redefine her own physicality and sexuality: shifting her body’s agency from being the object of her work, to its subject.

By acknowledging her evolving identity, she began to produce compulsive, titillating and densely detailed drawings that take the viewer on a journey through her mind. Calling on influences of early Punk Feminist performance, and the work of Lydia Lunch and Lee Lozano, Fontaine raises her voice to confront systemic patriarchal privileges, sexual stereotyping and the subsequent violence that they inflict”.

Explore the show here

Liv Fontaine – Silly Cow (video still)

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