ORGAN THING: Explore Emma Cousin’s carnivalesque scenarios via the White Cube on-line viewing room..

Well we can’t go exploring galleries and let’s be honest here, who wants to go explore the ever evolving street art that’s out there in this kind weather? We can still explore on line, it isn’t perfect, exploring art on-line is far from perfect, you can’t really get a sense of scale,  you can’t really get hold of what the textures are doing, the relationships the paintings form in a well curated room, there are so so many ways that just viewing art on line leaves the viewer unsatisfied, frustrated, at best a feeling of wanting (needing) more. Exploring art on line, for now, will have to do. Emma Cousin is intriguing, it doesn’t feel like fantasy, it does feel complex, he use of colour excites….  

Emma Cousin’s art can currently be explored via the White Cube on line viewing room and their Introductions series

“Emma Cousin’s figurative paintings feature dynamic, carnivalesque scenarios that explore the space between realism and fantasy, felt experience and communication. Responding to the limitations of language when used to articulate the complexities of human experience and emotions, Cousin considers how we might interact without it, in pre- or post-linguistic states. Taking this idea of ‘the failure of language to the ultimate point’, she imagines how the gestures of the body would now take over.”

Introductions | Emma Cousin’ is curated by Capucine Perrot, Associate Director, Artist Liaison.

Emma Cousin

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