ORGAN THING: Australian four-piece The Lazy Eyes return with a very impressive new single, hear it here…

Organ Thing of The Day: Now this has new release really caught ears and not so lazy eyes today, “Today, the preciously young Australian four-piece The Lazy Eyes return with their new single ‘Where’s My Brain???‘. The first of new music for 2021, the release comes in tandem with the news of their upcoming second EP”. it just flows so well, the details are just gorgeous, the beautifully simple fluidity of it all, the clever way it moves, the promise of things to come from a band to take notice of. Sometimes that’s all that’s need for and from a Thing of The Day..

Here’s where you go to find out more


Where’s My Brain???‘ is the first taste of The Lazy Eyes’ next chapter, a leap further into the driving rhythms of King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard, the woozy, left turns of Pond and the slow-burn of Black Sabbath. Their most distorted release to date, crisp drums and bass illustrate their hypnotic, polymetric adventures over dual guitar harmonies. Taking their improv impulses further than before, ‘Where’s My Brain???‘ is unabashedly unkempt and distilled in its purest form. “We always end the live shows with this one, it’s so fun and loose,” The band share. “Even if our pedalboards have melted and our amps have caught fire, we always trust this song to bring it home,” laughs Itay.

Of the songwriting process, The Lazy Eyes continue, “We wrote ‘Where’s My Brain???’ in the developing years of the band, at a time when the setlist was lacking fast paced, energetic tracks. We needed that one last song that the audience could mosh and get sweaty to! The song is loosely about losing your mind over something and wanting to have a tantrum, but really it’s just a jam. The demo was made in Harvey’s bedroom using GarageBand drums, which involves tapping the beat on the laptop keyboard, far from the initial vision of the song. The track was then brought to life at a rehearsal in Itay’s brother’s bedroom while crouching under his bunk bed.”

Accompanying the psych-rock odyssey is the space-age music video directed by Jesse Taylor-Smith, who shares “After I heard the song for the first time I got a mind-blowing blood clot in my brain. Thanks to the Melbourne Covid-19 lockdowns I had plenty of time to invent miniaturising technology and I had a team of lazy eyed experts who were bold enough to get inside my head. I developed the 1960’s pop-up-book style animation in a makeshift studio and as the band is based in Sydney the performance had to be remotely directed. Just like the video itself, the making of it was a bit of fantastic voyage.”

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