ORGAN: Five Music Things – more from Brighton’s Public Body, Wardruna, some Gaygirl, Brooklyn audio visual artist Rachika Nayar, Sophie, Niesporczaki/Tardigrades and…

It was all about the backgrounds really…

This five musical things thing is mostly about just that, five musical things that have passed by inthe last few days, five soundbites, five slices of musical information along with those oh so vital links and signposts

On we go some more, on we go yet again, Burn down the internet some more, do it just for the insurance money or soemthing like that. There is always music isn’t there? There is always repeating things and doing a cut and paste of what you said last week isn;t there? Five more musical things then, same as we said last time, repeat these things, five (or so) musical things that have caught ears over the past few days, five musical things plucked from the overflowing in box or the feeds or the clouds or wherever these things come from.

Five (or maybe six today) slices of music that have come our way and it is all very simple, five things, in no particular order, five sets of links for you to do whatever you want with. Five things we think worth your time, there is always music, there are always typos, there is always art, art excites, music still does, here they come again, the home team, go explore, more more more… and someone said why don’t we give each band their own piece, if we gave each one a page of their own there would be none of that cross pollination would there? And anyway, oh never maind the anyway, here some music, here’s some links do what you will with them, elbows in, don’t thrash around like a dirty great bear, Manners matter…!

1: Public Body Elbows in, manners matter, a band last covered on these fractured pages back in April so the Organ search engine tells us. The Brighton band say “Pre orders for our Table Manners/Ask Me Later 7” go live this Friday! There will be a limited amount of special editions w/ translucent vinyl and a snazzy screen printed outer sleeve!”, I guess, knife and fork to the side of your plate and off to their Bandcamp for Bandcamp Friday before someone makes a mess, elbows down now, enough double speak, do you do as you’re told?


2: Gaygirl – Had a look at their Instagram feed this morning thinking there might be some news of something new, like most of us, they’re hibernating, I guess like most of us here in London they’re stuck here at the start of February looking out the window and waiting for the year to start. The most recent thing on the Gaygirl bandcamp dates from late Spetember of last year but hey, as Bobby Charlton once said, music does not come with a sell by date and they are rather good and we should have mentioned this most recent of their releases back in the Autumn. But then we were busy and they do blur the lines oh so well, that alt.pop post this or that thrust of things they do so well and as Bobby’s mate Joe Perry once said, let the music do the talking. Is there soemthing of a Cay flavour there (does that eve nmean anything to anyone now? That mix of edgy guitar and an alt. pop Paralydise? Demon? Hooks? Pop hooks, barbed edges, things torn up, things left on the floor. Whatever happened to Gay Animal Women, where do all the bands go? Will the sun ever come out again?


3: Wardruna – a video posted a couple of weeks back, a new video from the “Norwegian music constellation” known as Wardruna. “Masterful Norweiganstorytellers Wardrunaare are set to reveal yet another masterstroke in their mission to understand and integrate ancient thoughts, tools and methods to produce something relevant to the modern era. Kvitravn, meaning white raven, marks a distinct evolution in Wardruna’sunique sound, making use of a wide-ranging and rich sonic tapestry such as Kravik-lyre, Trosssingen-lyre, Tagllharpa, Sootharp, Langeleik, Crwth, Goat-horn, lrr, and Moraharpajust to name a few”.

4: Rachika Nayar – “Today, Brooklyn-based ambient-electronic composer and A/V artist Rachika Nayar shared a hazily-impressionistic music video for her new single “Losing Too Is Still Ours” (which features contributions from poet/vocalist YATTA) from her forthcoming album, Our Hands Against The Dusk, out March 5 on NNA Tapes”. More details and such via the Bandcamp page.

.“Losing Too Is Still Ours” extends from rippling guitar figures and keening vocals to methodic, marching strings. The song title stems from a Rainer Maria Rilke poem of great personal import. Fittingly, the song arrives alongside a self-directed dreamlike music video which evokes poetic imagery of  interpersonal experiences, isolation, memory, mystery and transformation.

Our Hands Against the Dusk is a kaleidoscopic release built from textured guitar loops, shimmering synthesizer crescendos, lyrical piano, and orchestral strings — all digitally processed and threaded through multiple genres, including ambient, emo, electronic, and contemporary classical. The album’s fluid but deeply felt through-line represents Nayar’s navigation through the many musical and human communities she has been a part of as an Indian-American trans person. Written over the past four years, Nayar’s debut full-length winds through vivid personal moments — ecstasy, ambivalence, grief, and calm — via the composer’s protean musical voice. 

5: Sophie – And we really should post this here, many many things have been said or posted or wtitten about the sad passing on Sophie and just how brilliant everything she did was, is and will be. We really don’t need to say too much, she wasn’t really floating around any of our world, she was, rightly, a pop star, a proper one, a brilliant one as this piece of art here will tell you.

And while we’re here, let’s share this –

Niesporczaki / Tardigrades “Here’s a recording I made with my dear friend from Warsaw, the award winning poet Julia Fiedorczuk. It was originally included as a CD in her 2018 book “Psalmy”, but as that is now sold out, I thought I’d make it available as a free download. I reckon it’s pretty good even if you don’t speak Polish, and of course is a big fuck off to all the ****s who voted for Brexit, as well as the right wing isolationist dimwits in both our countries”. so said Alan…


It probably doesn’t get much better that the beautiful way Assault and Battery glides in, no better way to close this latest fractured episode of five musical things, some footprints left in the sands of time or somewhere wher someone wouldn’t put their elbows in.

More of this in a few days, or maybe not, we’ll see, ues that is indeed it, it doesn’t d oto rush these things, in case on sonic attack and all that.

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